Parents Could Not Afford Baby Formula. What They Substituted It With Has Them On Trial For Murder. - 05-10


Here is a warning for all the mothers out there who are breastfeeding their babies. Do not add water to breast milk, it can lead to the death of a newborn baby. Even if this is not news to you or seems like common sense, there are people out there who fail to heed the advice and so, it is best to spread the word.

Alisha Wariner: ive never heard of that either....really sad, but they shoulda noticed that the baby was losing weight and got help. yes formula is expensive but get government assistance! no shame in it if you are doing it for the right reason

User from PA: Sounds like maybe they didn’t know about the water. I didn’t. I’m college educated and very responsible.

Ronda Rodriguez: I've never heard of that either,but she shuda got on wic while pregnant to prevent the chances of not having money or food stamps...but murder charges idk ...them not believing in going to Drs is odd,but again they probably didn't even apply for Medicaid,I feel like she gave birth at home & baby girl never went to a Dr...

Elizabeth Valentine: this is so sad water I had my son at 13 I went to wic am 55 now an my son 41 I never heard of it but they really need to inform moms about this I don't know if they should go to jail but is a very tough decision is in God hands

Heather Kwit: No Excuses, there are programs for this.


Ecllipse DeLoach - 06-07
I didn't know that adding water to breastmilk was not safe.
?? - 06-01
yo i heard that b4 but i didnt think that was true wow
Stephen Bash - 05-31
this is what gappens when you get mixed up with colored critters like him... this is just what negros do... wake up ! 🎱👀
Nicole Ramos - 05-31
Sterilize them Both
Ronnie Dawsey Jr. - 05-31
They both look like their trees grow straight up...
User from DC - 05-31
Unfortunately these don’t help everyone
User from OH - 05-31
A pediatrician would’ve given them free formula, my daughter had trouble gaining weight and although we could afford formula they were nice enough to give it to us for free.
Shalece Hemphill - 05-31
Sad. I don't feel they should face murder charges. Ik there are programs but who to say they qualified. There are many people who need assistance and don't qualify and some that receive assistance and it still not enough to cover the need. Known she tried breastfeeding which is a very close bond between mother and child makes me believe it wasn't done with ill intent. I'm sure they're grieving.
Ms. Chandler - 05-31
they could have used regular milk. a baby can't survive off water.. they didn't have friends, parents or anyone they could asked for help.. see this is when government assistance isn't bad
Cara Malise - 05-30
On another note..there are natural ways for a breastfeeding mothers to INCREASE her milk NATURALLY . One eating chestnuts. (I read this in a mainstream medical book./ ny western trained doctors. Also herbal ways(disclaimer). This is 2019 I'm sure pioneer women had this info. Then again, ARE THERE ANY LITERATE people having children these days?
Brenda Wright - 05-30
well I didn't know anything about this and I'm pretty sure the parents didn't know this and I think it's wrong to have them trial for murder I could see maybe child neglect I never heard of this before and I'm 68 years old so I can't imagine the younger age group hadn't heard of it either I'm dumbfounded by this and I don't see purpose of charge them with murder they have to live with the death of their daughter that's punishment enough just my opinion
Cara Malise - 05-30
Ygwh...I am sure you BOILED the water first which is standard procedure. If you didn't condidet yourself not lucky but BLESSED!
Gumby - 05-30
Looks like the fat hog could have afforded formula if she had,nt spend all her money on twinkies and pizza.
Yhwh Establishes - 05-30
stop hurting the faithful WOODY
Yhwh Establishes - 05-30
water filtered by waste treatment plants, ie sewage rerouted back to your faucet.
Yhwh Establishes - 05-30
bs I used water for all my babies powdered formulas
George Kepoo - 05-30
no Mino aka my
George Kepoo - 05-30
Lolo that's y it's called formula It's formulateded that way Da A!
George Kepoo - 05-30
they are not educated enough I no eye dropped out 7th grade
George Kepoo - 05-30
blame Mueller
George Kepoo - 05-30
the husband should consider da!
Billy Bob - 05-30
wow!! glad we didnt get prison time for not knowing,honest mistake for some
Julius Fizer - 05-30
sad they probably didnt know the outcome
Darryl Anderson - 05-30
Tassie Murdock - 05-30
I bet if you were to take a poll and ask any parent if they ever diluted their child's bottle with more water because they ran out of formula or were going to run out before they got their next check and i bet you more than half if not more have all done it. you make formula with water so what's a little more gonna harm is what I'm sure they had thought. I breastfed my kids but my last two only until they were 10 months. when they started on the formula after, I admit there were a couple of times I added a oil more water to make it stretch. I have never heard not to do this. I don't think they should be charged for murder by any means. but the baby should have gonefor her regular routine check up and the dr should have caught on she was losing weight. I pray our justice system can see clearly this was by far never their intention now the woman that tried to drown her newborn baby in the toilet after giving birth in the stall of McDonald's should have charges brought against her and yet no charges given.
Caballo Loco - 05-30
Silberfox - 05-30
Can’t afford oneself and they have babies like kittens. What is her IQ...
Bobi Raymond - 05-30
If they couldn’t afford formula they shouldn’t of had a baby!!!!
Connie Hernandez - 05-30
this is horrible and very mind blowing i cant belive thier story couldnt afforde formula ??? most churchs help out when in need !!!! 😥😥😥😥😥😥
Laura Ireland - 05-30
Such a sad story. So sad the parents didn’t have help with the baby.