Four-Year-Old Girl Cares For Infant Brother Alone For Three Days After Their Father Kills Their Mother In Murder-Suicide - 04-29


For three days straight, a 4-year-old girl took care of her infant brother after their father murdered their mother before killing himself. On April 21, a couple who lived in the neighborhood found the 4-year-old girl and her three-month-old baby brother after they were stuck in their house for three days, following their father’s murder-suicide on April 18.

Sandi Gulley: I hope they don’t get separated in the foster care system... Lord keep your HOLY angels encamped all about them all the days of their lives.. this world is in bad shape.. I wish the Lord would split the Eastern sky and come and take HIS people home.. I’m so tired of this sick cruel world and all the garbage in it.

Mary Hevner: I also would like to point out what amazing people and heroes the neighbors that stepped up and got involved and were brave enough to not believe those police officers!! too many people today live by the mantra: NOT MY PROBLEM!! Society is rapidly going to HELL simply because of Selfishness!! everyone wants but no one is willing to give! God Bless both of you! if only there were more people as unselfish and compassionate!! those children are alive today ONLY because of Olivia and James Robinson, PERIOD!! God Bless you Both!!

Tesa Nicole Hartley: this gave me chills up my spine.. I am pregant... and could never imagine this to ever happen... God bless these little children and watch over them like he has... I wish I could hug her or take her and her little brother into my own home

Susan: I agree the cops obviously did not go inside. But kids that age not knowing what to do but knowing about not opening the door for strangers, or for anyone actually considering her age. She probably either just sat there or went & hid when they came tiki the door. In my opinion this was a sorry excuse for a "welfare check." I think they should HAVE to make contact with someone who lives there or HAVE to go inside & check status of said resident(s).If not for their neighbors these children would have soon starved to death.

User from TN: The Lord Jesus Christ blessed His Own. Amen!!


Evangeline Guerrero - 05-25
Victoria GuerreroSanchez : I been threw somewhat of the same sittuation may the angels always care for them and keep them from harm.
Susan Schwegel - 05-25
So Sweet I pray they keep them together 😍
Susan Schwegel - 05-25
Crystal Franzen Bryant - 05-25
Good going cops, let the neighbor's do your job.
Joann Landers - 05-24
someone in the family please get those children's
Michellerose Sabour - 05-24
brave beautiful child, big sister you are amazing.
User from OR - 05-24
Precious Angel Girl
Cyndy Blakey - 05-24
I would adopt both right now!
Cyndy Blakey - 05-24
I've always looked for a hero! .And look at these two little ones!.. God is going to prove in their life's they will overcome all things!..
User from TN - 05-24
Bless them babies Lord!!!
and thank God and praise Jesus to the people that stayed around and check it out themselves and help them so the gym kids work left there to die as well
please don't separate these two children whatever whatever happens please keep them together and God bless her she's been through alot don't take her brother from her to
IM II-xKaos - 05-23
Keep them kids together !!!!!
amalia lopez - 05-23
I'm 😭😭😭😢😢😢 just see such cruel world we are making ..poor kids ..I'm glad God send somebody to check upon this beautiful kids ..GOD BLESS THE COUPLE ..👏👏👏👏
Boyanne Harvey - 05-23
Pauline Pelton - 05-21
what is wrong with people today.......
User from WA - 05-21
So sad,😥no child should have to go trough something like this.
User from NY - 05-21
🙏❤️🙏 God help them stay together and watch over them in the same foster home
Callie Clark - 05-20
If I had the means and money I would adopt them both sadly they’re probably going to be broken up in foster care as a f If I had the means and money I would adopt them both stealthy they’re probably going to be broken up in foster care ..having been a foster kid myself I wish I could save them from the abusive households they go to
Darlin H.. - 05-20
Most importantly God I pray that these little ones find a wonderful loving family that will love and cherish the both of them...I pray that the little ones have no memory of their broken parents... praying for both of those babies..❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️
Cristina Yourtokind Hughes - 05-20
I'll take them precious babies omg I just lost for words.... Lord please spare these babies cover them by your stripes father god we need u ret now . please keep them both safe out of harms way in Jesus name amen father ... my heart goes out to each and everyone that this has disturbed..
ChucknCindy Lotz - 05-20
Hopefully a family member will take both of them in.
Diane Scotchmer - 05-20
he deserved what he got
User from CA - 05-20
Jesus come soon
Diane Scotchmer - 05-20
precious little ones I hope they can stay together keep them together always or you'll mess them up mentally
Almeter Holland Hall - 05-19
Lord thank you for keeping your little ones alive. because we are living in a cruel world
William Peter Jarrett - 05-19
White folks sre hilarious.Bet she was cheating.If so. Good job dude!
William Peter Jarrett - 05-19
Guess husband was a little angry. Wonder what wife had been up to. Hmmmm
User from TX - 05-19
Oh my
A Hall - 05-19
I pray these children will be kept together and some part of the family will be able to take care of them