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K. Michelle Flaunts Her Curves on a ‘Pole’: ‘I Can’t Believe What I’m Seeing’

Atlanta Blackstar - 04-18


Singer K. Michelle has fans hot and bothered after her latest thirst-trapping photos. The “Judge Me” artist showed off her curvaceous figure on social media earlier this week with a photo of herself “dropping it low” in a skimpy bodysuit. The all-white, form-fitting garment showed off many of her physical assets, including her thighs, hips and cleavage.

Jazzy Dee Mcnair: Why y’all kiss and tell

Minong Maniac: That's a Cali. dude...

Sandra Perez: she had face surgery


Tiffany J Jackson Sumler - 19 days ago
She’s already famous, why the need to expose her camel toe to the world? That’s not cute OR classy. The need for attention is apparently seriously real🙄
Deloies Kilgore - 21 days ago
So you wasn't satisfied the way you" looked before getting cosmetic surgery. Guess you thinking you could get more guys to take notice in you. you should have been thankful to God the way he made you to be. Look's have not will not do not keep a man. Just look around.
Derrek Tate - 22 days ago
she is so beautiful..i would wifey her..
Deborah Cronkhite - 27 days ago
All these girls are acting like prostitutes! So very sad!
Caballo Loco - 27 days ago
Women THEY look AWESOME but USE it to THEIR advantage SHOW ALL give up none
mr bud - 28 days ago
big Turkey neck
Juanita Byrd - 28 days ago
when did she get so light? stop the bleaching Sista.😣😣
Stacey - 05-25
K dumb thick who ever did her surgery did they thang her figure is on point with her body and face shape fr.
Sandra Perez - 05-19
she had face surgery
Minong Maniac - 05-08
That's a Cali. dude...
Jazzy Dee Mcnair - 05-02
Why y’all kiss and tell
Monty Dornblaser - 04-18
thighs bigger than a man or is she ?