The Day I Heard My Husband’s ‘Other Woman’ in the Background of His Hotel Room

faithit - 04-11


It felt like a knife to the gut. Shaking, in shock, every breath seemed to twist the knife a little deeper until I felt as though I couldn’t breathe anymore. Oh, I had been hit before, little slaps of reality, every few months. I somehow numbed the pain before letting it do its job, before letting it sink in and hurt enough to do something about it. Anger, sadness, self-doubt and shame, are what hit me that day, but most of all, I felt like such a fool. I will never forget that day, that phone call, the lies and pain that followed. The blessing that was the knife that almost took my life. All the signs were there, for years. How do you live with someone so long and not know who they truly are? Was I blind? I must have been, because everyone else seemed to see it but me.