8-Year-Old Child Bride Dies After Wedding Night

AWM - 04-05


In Yemen, a child bride was forced to marry a man five times her age. Because the Yemeni girl was only eight-years-old, she was extremely small and still very much a child. However, that did not stop her 40-year-old groom from having sexual intercourse with her on their wedding night. However, things only got worse from there because the bride eventually died from internal bleeding following her newlywed husband’s forceful penetration.

Princess Wanda: How SICK❗❗❗ These 3rd world countries have serious issues❗❗❗ These men & the childs parents should be drawn & quartered❗❗❗👎Poor little things, such a shame❗😪

Rosita Martin: America! People whose religious and cultural behaviors support either child rape or cannibalism should automatically be disqualified from entering, remaining in, or serve as a representative of OUR COUNTRY.

Subaru Tech 107: Democrats want this sick muslim culture in the U.S. Trump 2020

Gail Neschen: I want to know what is with this creepy religion where these old men prefer children and why we are being forced to accept it!

AJ Jeans: disgusting


Sharon Jeffries - 06-07
Roschely Ortiz - 06-06
Dwayne Whitlock - 06-06
Talbert Pannell - 06-05
Disgusting..So sad
Erika AVI - 06-05
Jason Hoffman - 06-05
shitspawn culture
User from FL - 06-05
This photo is at least 2 years old.....remembering it previously had a article regarding these old cog
User from MS - 06-05
The kinda stuff Omar supports that’s in our very government! All of them R SICK 😷 AS FUXX SORRY NOT SORRY!!!! And u want this in our country?? Nope 👎 not me peace ☮️
superiorunicorn - 06-05
how is this user the same as a literal pedophile, rapist and murderer when they made a comment about sticking up for the child/children? don't be so ignorant as to compare an average person with a common opinion to someone as messed up as mentioned in this article. just because you don't agree with them, this user is the same as that trash human being? oh please.
User from TX - 06-05
Evil men
Debra Hayes - 06-05
yeah we got our own problems in the US what the freak
Bill Dibble - 06-05
Let’s bring some more of those pedophiles here libturd mentality
Monica Hernandez - 06-05
thats the most disgusting horrible thing i ever heard of God is coming back soon i never heard such horrible things its depressing poor babies dont deserve such a horrible lives i pray God destroys them !!! im so mad
Robin Schulz-Jongerius - 06-05
Ann Day - 06-04
Those are some sick demented SOB's, the people that had them is some crazy SOB's. I will never call them parents!!!
Phyllis Smith - 06-04
Christine Kingston - 06-04
WOW!! THIS BRINGS ME TO TEARS. This is how 3rd world Countries get money. That's another reason to WATCH YOU KIDS ON THE NET. People don't care about what age you are well I would suspect that Children for Perverts is top dollars. and believe it or not a 67-year-old woman was trying to be abducted by 3 men 1 man follows you strikes up a conversation and 2 other men drive up and you are gone. I have Protection, but I feel so bad for that little girl. She should have been stopped by someone even if it means Rescue Measures should be taken to help them get out of harm's way. The parents don't want them so give them money to start a foster care system for them. So this doesn't happen again.😢😭🙏🙏😇🐴💜🐚🐬🌊😢
Darren J. Lord - 06-04
Wow, just Wow in the worst way possible! Loss of words it's so disturbing! This is the time & press the Woman of Yemen need to fight back a lil here but in A country who treat women like their pets and close to half the population is completely in poverty! 13 million+ without even access to something called H20 it's kind of important to have that!??? Smh...Some justice to these men please..........
User from CO - 06-04
Animals 😡
Allison Larsen - 06-04
This is so sick!!!
User from TX - 06-04
Everyone is worried about abortion instead of human beings like this little girl. Let’s save all the fetus’ but let’s turned a blind eyes to all the hatred and cruelty that living/breathing children are being forced to endure! There’s so many mistreated children, state homes over run but let’s continue to make it worse and overpopulate. I’m not for abortion but it’s every women’s own right to have the say so over her own body! So many of our systems are broken and so many will suffer and die because of it...
M Josephine Fonzo - 06-04
K Saintz - 06-04
this is a super old story. this is not new!!
Kevin Johnson - 06-04
Tight squeeze
Sosasi Henry - 06-04
All I can say is Jesus please come for your world please God. 😞😞😞
User from CA - 06-04
This is sickening!!!!
Rosemary Mack - 06-04
why is this allowed to happen these men need to go get a grown women to marry its sad bunch of pedophiles just nasty .
Lawrence Gutierrez - 06-04
Sick people
User from LA - 06-04
Wipe all of them off planet.. 💣🧨
Tracy w - 06-04
he need the same treatment in his a** but harder a sick B****!!!!!!