She’s The Youngest Mom In History At Just 5-Years-Old, Here’s What She Has To say 78 Years Later

JumbleJoy - 04-01


Teenage pregnancy is one of the most common problems that youngsters face. Many adults would think that they are still too young for this huge responsibility. If we think that a 14 or a 15-year-old girl is too young to get pregnant and have a baby, it might be a surprise for you to know that the youngest mother that was ever recorded in medical history was a 5-year old girl!

Judy Cherniss Terhune: this is a very disturbing story...who hot this baby pregnant...and her parents did nothing to prevent this regardless of what was common back then..and orgie really with a 5 year old how sick is that..

Bonita Pope: They should do a DNA and find out just to no.

boo who: a 5 yr old can not get pregnant.....fake story..

Leisa Jacobs g: OMG this has made me sick i am traumatized to even think about a 5 yr old being pregnant by some sick lowlife man!! yuck!!

Joyce Kellar: how can someone be so cold hearted to do that to a child bad enough to do it to a grown woman don't hurt a child


Jay Harris - 05-24
It's probably true!! So many crazy things happens in this world!! Very sad!
Brian Fowler - 05-23
User from CA - 05-19
Fake news
User from CA - 05-19
How in the hell at 5 years old can a child have a baby? You have to be a woman that has a menstral cycle.
User from MS - 05-19
Hard for me to believe this story.
Alice McCracken - 05-18
purru that is where they worship cows? she new how could she not nownope not nbuying it
mario guillaumin - 05-18
sooo she has nothing to say 78 yrs later
Kenneith Woods - 05-18
Not buying this.
SexyMan - 05-18
it was probably her father
SexyMan - 05-18
show her some money maybe she will speak.
SexyMan - 05-18
Pearl Roberts - 05-18
Yes it's a lie
Marie Brown - 05-17
no no the kids would have to receive a mental cycle before she can produce a baby that is not true
Cathy Reed - 05-16
wow no kidding
fck trump 2020 - 05-15
no way
Victoria GuerreroSanchez - 05-12
omg 😯
Shantell Weber - 05-11
we live on a planet in the middle of a universe rotating around stars the sun and the moon. anything is possible.
Tracy Heiser - 05-06
percosious puberty is a very real thing, and yes, that child could be ovulating by age 5. Its not fake.
Vanessa Hayden-Abram - 04-30
i don't believe this.
Cynthia Thompson - 04-29
its a bunch of bull no 5 year old is developed enough to get pregnant
Phyllis Waters - 04-26
f8 7
John McCain - 04-16
glad to hear it wasn't the baby sitter.
boo who - 04-10
fake fake fake....
Jan Miller - 04-03
all of this Is a big lie!!
Rose Wilenius - 04-03
Prayers Momita
Jennifer Burrell - 04-03
She definitely, appears to be, in the pictures!
Jennifer Burrell - 04-03
Michael Harper, where is your proof of that! Inquiring mind's want to know!?!
Jennifer Burrell - 04-03
I wouldn't be surprised or, put it passed MJ to do such a, disgusting sexual behavior! That man, was a sicko, pervert, pedophile. I don't care if he is dead, and can't defend himself. He doesn't deserve to and I am glad, he is dead from an overdose!! During the wake of all this documentary stuff, which, imo, believe because both of them are adults, father's themselves, wasn't paid a dime, it got me wondering if, MJ's, doctor was aware, that he sexually assaulted, young boys, that he didn't purposely, administered the lethal dose, of the drug, MJ had to have to sleep because, he didn't want to lay in bed and think of the horrific, sexual abuse, of children? JS!
KeepItReal - 04-03
odda are it was her daddy duh and he had to have done it repeatedly to cause her to ovulate sooner. like this is uncommon.... happens in one certain country often and no one cares. and they come to usa and continue doing it. the mom usually allows it. I know of an Hispanic man who.molested his daughter probably since birth. she had a boyfriend as a teenager and he was so enraged with jealousy, he told the boyfriend that she was his and he was going to pay. he beat the shit out of the guy raped and killed his daughter in front of him and set the house on fire and blamed the boyfriend for everything. the dad testified that the boyfriend did it all. the boyfriend was sentenced to life in prison. the dad got away with everything. they seem to always do...
Sharon Crigger - 04-02
What is wrong with Hispanics? Raping a 5 year old child. They could find out if daddy and grand Daddy are the same people with DNA , it wouldn't surprise me.