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Report: Prince Harry Is 'Angry' Over Meghan Markle's New Nickname by Staff

AceShowbiz - 03-29


A new report suggests that several members of the royal staff at Kensington Palace are calling the Duchess of Sussex 'Me-Gain.'. AceShowbiz - As a protective husband he is, Prince Harry has to make sure that no one is hurting his wife Meghan Markle. Amid media reports that dub the pregnant royal "Duchess difficult," a new report suggests that the Duke of Sussex is enraged after learning an alleged nickname for the Duchess given by some royal staffers.

Stephen Szabo: truth hurts

Evelyn Galinac: who gives a f***

Tam McAuliff-Lyions: Blah blah blah...she's a gold digging c**t! Princess Diana is rolling in her grave because he married that! She is Trouble!

Danita Ashby: ❤️❤️Harry and Meghan ❤️❤️

big bird: She’s getting exactly what she is AWANTA and DEMANDING BRAT


Inez Maxwell - 05-24
you are such a lier you. seems to not like Megan you made up all these stories about the lady for people to not like he
B. Tyler - 05-24
I can see the problem...
Macks Smith - 05-23
yep.and black females are mad Too.cause white females marry them black men.
Lori Kahler - 05-22
leave Mahan and Harry alone they are married and he should make sure no one hurts her in said all along get the hell out of there and they did best thing they ever done I told them to move to the USA get clear away from them
Corliss V. Holly - 05-22
I find it quite disturbing that every time you hear something negative accusing her or said about Meghan, it's coming from KP staff. No wonder Harry and Meghan got the hell out of and away from KP in order to establish their own network and household. KP is the problem.
Ms. E Bear - 05-22
white people always mad nothing to see here
Evelyn Poplin - 05-22
Megan is doing nothing but wanting fame and money money money publistity She showed a FAKE BABY and Harry went along with it .Why did they use a surrogate??? Harry you need to wake up and see what is happening in your life.
sea 3450 - 05-22
Again, it’s there own previous staff, so yeah, kinda ruffled his feathers a bit.
User from MS - 05-19
Fake news
User from VA - 05-19
Megan loves Harry. He’s a hunk
User from VA - 05-19
Meg’s is
User from VA - 05-19
Here we go again. A screeed
User from VA - 05-19
Megan is a gold fi not in love with Harrying
Francisco VETERAN - 05-19
So I take it your all know her?
User from DC - 05-19
Who no harry meghan
Walter Rand - 05-19
Patricia Donato - 05-19
so sad she knows nothing of love just her evil femmist wants het family is right about here her true colors will come out Harry was an easy mark
big bird - 05-18
She’s getting exactly what she is AWANTA and DEMANDING BRAT
Patricia Herron - 04-01
JEALOUS and hating is the staff behind this Harry? no I think this is coming from tabloid! There are out to hurt you Harry to break your Marry down.But you are not that stupid or idoit anymore the they want u to be. You are wilder and better than they thought! keep your head up Harry and stay together with your family Your Vows will make a way.
JoAnn Gorka - 03-30
Isn't is usual for pregnant women to be uncomfortable, crabby and difficult till they give birth?
Kevin Martin - 03-30
shes Was an American u Brits have her!!
Stanley Sonny Jeran - 03-30
Everything Unbelievable
Stanley Sonny Jeran - 03-30
another day of BS
Stanley Sonny Jeran - 03-30
Stanley Sonny Jeran - 03-30
Nothing like Typing to your self Te Car must have your Toung
Stanley Sonny Jeran - 03-30
Here We Go Round the Merry-go-round When it Stops Nobody knows ah
Stanley Sonny Jeran - 03-30
Yada Yada Yada blah blah blah
Stanley Sonny Jeran - 03-30
I'm 59 Single Looking for A Single Millionare Women to Spoil me Rotten
Stanley Sonny Jeran - 03-30
Why Charles always has his hand on his Stomach? what A habit ah
Stanley Sonny Jeran - 03-30
unbelievable ah