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A man who raped his neighbor and offered to do yard work to 'make up for it' was sentenced to 50 years in prison

INSIDER - 03-26


A 20-year-old was sentenced to 50 years in prison for raping his neighbor, tying her up, and threatening her with a knife. He offered to do yard work or fix things around the house to "make up for it."

Adam Schneider: He will find out what rape feels like. Years ago I seen that happen. They punched a guy in the rectum about 30 times to numb him up. Nice huh ? He caught some stitches and mopped a dudes cell like a good woman for 6 years. Crazy story but true. All I can say is have fun on the mainline Jack. lol

Damn Fool: I don't know about Florida prisons but in Arkansas and Texas let's just say his asshole would not be the same no more

Daniel Ward: Rapes her and offers to cut the grass?????God is coming soon. This world has gone completely nuts. Everyday it something else. If she slept with a gun near her bed it may never have happened and he be dead.

John Gentry: Rape should be the same in every state as far as punishment or death, it varies greatly.

FunnyUask: I bet he commits suicide. He won't last a month.


User from TX - 05-20
Hahahaha hahahaha yard work 🤣😂😆😁
TS Texas - 05-20
yeah, just going to nail those gonads to the wall, starters for " pay back"!
Carlos Morales - 05-20
US justice is crazy.
Penny Higbee - 05-20
Has to be something seriously wrong with this dude!!
wanda Shivers - 05-19
So this guy rapes and get 50 years and a DUI driver who kills someone gets 11 year where is the logic in this . Both of these crimes are disgusting.
Luna Solar - 05-16
what's wrong with these buggers do they not have a soul is it like in that movie the seventh sign where they say they're all out of souls in the guff
alan betts - 05-13
She lost a golden opportunity for free yard work forever.
Rman Manr - 05-12
If our prison system us set up so rapes can occur then we need to stop patting ourselves on the back and claiming we are the greatest country on the planet.
Judy Andrus Miller - 05-12
Again Florida
Ray G - 05-11
He shouldn't have been a landscaper. he should have gotten an education at Stanford. Rapists from there get some months... In all seriousness, I'm glad this woman got Justice unlike many others out there.
Dronze Pilot - 05-11
Maybe he will do a little "yard work" in prison...
Art P - 05-09
he got what he deserved but what about them child molesters getting probation
Charles Thomas - 05-02
She should have got some yard work done first.
Sounds about white I mean right
Drake Thorn - 03-29
So many inbred rednecks in the south. like wrong turn kind of people. Yeah they are that nasty and it's not limited to one color either. There are good people down here but they are few and far between.
Karen Koch - 03-29
50 years is not enough
Sheldon Hulstine - 03-29
I'd make him head of lawn and garden department in prison!!
he gonna look pretty to all of people in prison fresh up for grabs
wise beetle - 03-29
😳 I’ll do your yard work? Criminal, enjoy your time in prison...pretty sure your fellow prisoners won’t offer to do your yard work ...
2851 - 03-29
bingbong - 03-29
Another scumbag of the earth 75yrs would have been nice but 50 yrs is great to good job judge.
Guy Vincent - 03-29
should of had the case moved to Chicago where first time felons get their cases dropped
Janet Canary - 03-29
while I'm all for prison sentence for rape,this guy gets 50 years,while billionaire Jeffrey Epstein who was convicted of raping,10 minors age 10 to 15 ,trafficking them also ,only got 13 months in a local jail.he also was allowed to leave 10 a day to go to work to make millions in his heres a true case of 2 teir justice shows,that if your rich,you can commit many rapes and do almost no time,or get off completly if it's not rape.example is jussie smullette,the actor who just had 16 counts dropped,his record sealed in chicago.his aunt is senator harris,hes friends with Obama. or another ex is OJ Simpson who was found not guilty of murdering his ex wife and her millionaires,billionaires dont do same time that we regular middleclass or poor would do.if anything we the poor,n middleclass will do 10 times more time then these elite pricks.only because they have the money to buy off or bribe everyone involved in their cases.
Danette greene - 03-29
I’m not for rape, duh, But 50 years is extreme. Some people don’t get that if they kill someone!
petra mccarron - 03-29
Well babyface, what goes around, comes around! Hopefully, you end up being someone's bitch who will pimp you out daily!Welcome to your new life! Enjoy!
Mike McCabe - 03-29
yeah I'd say he's definitely getting raped. For once a fair punishment for the crime
Drake Thorn - 03-29
Wow is this guy going to be popular in prison. I hope the other inmates break him in 3 at a time for what he did to this woman.
Mardi Hammerberg - 03-29
Jail will be a real nice place fo this perv just maybe he will get the same treatment. He should never see the outside of prison. There is no redemption for this pond scum
Wayne Hughes - 03-29
Prison inmates will have a good time with this scum