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Comatose Wife Hears Husband Whisper Truth As They Pull The Plug And She Fights Back To Life - 03-19


To pull, or not to pull the plug. That is the question many people have to answer time and time again. It’s a sad reality, but true nonetheless. The Pellettiere-Swapp family had to do it. They were forced to make the painful decision to pull their loved one off life support. Fortunately, their story made a miraculous turnaround.

Eliza Rameraz: I thought her husband was going to tell her he cheated or poisoned her lol. But it was all just good.

Major Sheffield: This is a true love. story of the unbelievable. This is a story of love and inspiration .

Unplugged from the Matrix: unbelievable story!!! good to here some good news for a change

Teresa Kinard: god is on time and good all the time amen and you are blessed praise his holy name God is worth to be praise amen

Me Myself: I'm happy for her that she was able to get the words to come out. She obviously had angels watching out for her. We pulled the plugs on my was VERY hard. Prior to pulling the plugs ..The doctors told us when my brother would move his legs that it was just brain waves.. I have a hard time believing that. I don't think my brother would probably have ever come back to be his former self..if we hadn't pulled the plugs. I guess I will never know. I miss my brother terribly. But I believe my brother is in a better place now. I'm very happy for this woman and her family. God bless


Crittenden-Estes Marcella - 16 days ago
God's Grace and Mercy are so AMAZING!! It's like she has been given a second chance at life. So often stories end in tragedy. So glad to read a story filled with Joy.
William Martin - 17 days ago
yes you are a fighter and you keep on fighting for your family by all means and God will realize that you need to be here for a little longer and bless you such as he did. God is forgiving.
Pat Vanderver - 17 days ago
my mom died in a coma God bless on my birthday God bless america
User from OK - 19 days ago
I was in a coma and could hear everything that was said! It’s so strange. I couldn’t move, my eyes were taped shut. I was transported to another hospital. There I recovered. God Bless you!
Eli Stcummings - 19 days ago
I had a brain aneurysm on Mar 31 2001. Due to complications with having cystic fibrosis, I was in a medically induced coma until the middle of July. I remembered my husband's many kisses on my cheek, seeing my aunt who was in a wheelchair with cancer hold my hand & tell me that she loved me, hearing my brother & closest friend talk to me hearing my mom tell me that everything's going to be alright, I remember other things too. like struggling to get up because my arms were secured so I would stop pulling at tubes. ( I don't remember pulling at tubes.) I remember all sorts if other things too. Some good, some not so good.I went to rehab & was back home with a cane by the end of Jul.We're still in there. From my own experience, should you have a loved one in a coma, talk to them, touch them constantly. It really does get in there.
Donna Johnson - 21 days ago
Trulia grace of God and angels the Holy Spirit surrounding that family truly believe in the almighty God who let her speak after her husband spoke to her she's meant to be here thank God the family listened and was there right by your side
Mimi Wheeler - 21 days ago
Mike Scarecrow Liles - 22 days ago
This story really pulled my heart strings. I lost my wife in 2013 from pancreatic cancer, when the doctors told us that the only thing keeper her alive was the machines we made the choice to take her off them. Her kids all said their goodbye as well as close friends. Then I said mine, I told her I loved her and told its OK we all will be OK, then I sung her our song that we first danced too. To her "I want to know what love is" by Forigner to her, we all can see tears in her eyes as she took one last breath. That was hardest time in my life holding her hand while she took her last breath. We all know she could hear us, with her last tears we knew.
Micah David - 22 days ago
Phyllis Gilbert - 22 days ago
God Bless this family. He still performs miracles.
jan r - 23 days ago
The only problem I have with this story is they wouldn't be taking her off life support in front of the family if she was an organ donor. They wait and do that in the OR suit just prior to procurement.
loniann caruso - 26 days ago
I totally believe this. This is not the first time this happened . A heartbreak turns into an amazing and happy ending! Just beautiful!
Jack Frost - 27 days ago
Luezette Mallory - 27 days ago
Yes, I believe what medical authorities say that people unconscious or in a coma can still hear you. Such is why you should always talk to them anyway. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!
Maryann Tucci - 29 days ago
Beautiful love story! God bless you 🙏
William Black - 05-22
that was in God hands
William Black - 05-22
That would be hard to do for me
Killo Serafin - 05-19
Good for her ! sometimes you have to fight to live.
Mr. Romello - 05-18
Oragan Donor = Dotors wants to pull plug on your life to resale body parts for MaxiMuM Gains 💰
Super Herc - 05-16
wow,what an amazing story!
Lodan Boulz - 05-16
thank Santa, cheers🎉
Kathy Torode - 05-15
Annette Margaret Blanco - 05-14
A true wonderful miracle that she recovered! !!!
Gina Ryker - 05-11
I hope my in laws have to think about what they said and did when they talked about him and me and kept on doing until they killed him while I wasn't there. For the years we lived on the same farm where they lived they never made the effort to be around for anything except to ask him for something he had or money and it didn't matter if he did without to give it to them because he knew he wasn't going to get it back and that's how it had gone on for all of his life until we got married and I put a stop to all of their greed because he couldn't give what he had to them since he had a partner in his life that loved him and took care of him until they decided to let him die and they knew I wouldn't do it and I still don't know how they got to do it without my saying that it was alright.
FAITH & HOPE - 05-09
i once couldnt wake up after a surgery...but i heard everyone in the yes , this is true...later when i did woke up , i told my story.
June Hutchinson - 05-02
what is the protocol and it was a friend of yours that was talking? hope all turned out well for your mother. that she passed in peace if she didn't recover. when my Mom was in yhat condition from COPD, the nurses said you never know if patient can hesr you. so our family said our goodbyes and gave loving messages. when she got more distressed trying to breathe she was given a dose of morphine and passed peacefully. she was ready to go as she had stated many times. but we all hoped she had heard us say goodbye and thank you.
Sheila Cross - 04-26
My mother was comatose in the 90's at St. Johns Hospital in Detroit Míchigan. A "collegue" was in the room with me and started talking about my mother's condition. I couldn't believe it . We were taught about that condition and what not to say. I reminded the "nurse" about the protocol and she just blew it off as "Oh, we don't believe that anymore". Well it has NOT been discarded as protocolo, and I hopefully that so called nurse gets the message sometime, and práctice it even if she doesn't personally believe it. Thank you so much for telling your story.
Naomi Gomez - 04-25
God bless you. all glory to God in Jesus name
Mary Baskin - 04-24
God never Left You.You have lots Do For.Our Lord My God Know.Your.FAITH Trust And Believe Was Jesus.Still Doing.In. I'll Living Life.Blood.Jesus.And.Pray.Work.Thank Jesus.Amen.
Wendy Iversen - 04-19
Beautiful story! Wonderful family she has! She's truely Blessed❣️