Husband Who Hid his "Micropenis" from Wife is Now Suing Her - 02-21


A man with a small one has threatened to sue his wife after she told people on social media about his lack of size. The husband allegedly kept his micropenis a secret until after they got married. The wife said he didn't agree to sex before marriage.

Cynthia Hall: He was sneaky and deceitful. She should countersue for misrepresentation.

Debbie Cambell: The comments are funnier then the story πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Sabrina Hardy-Canty: oh my...I'm sorry... I gotta at least see it before marriage...

Regina King: where's the beef πŸ˜†

Joanie: more funnier to read the comments


Roy Bumgarner - 06-08
sadly she can see the length of his but he cant see the depth of hers.
Chris Havener - 06-07
you don't buy shoes with trying them on.
Linda Davisd - 06-07
His tongue would of done just fine thank you.
Rolando Mota del Campo - 06-07
or like a fugly looking woman puts make up on to conceal the SEADONKEY face she has!
Tiffany Le Hew - 06-07
Is it small, or is she big?
Not True - 06-07
He should sue her big mouth
User from TX - 06-07
Why did she marry him? If that was so important to her? To humiliate your partner, your love, father of your kids??????
User from AL - 06-07
Haneefah Moore - 06-07
Wowwww!! This is so ridiculous & disrespectful. Im sure it's not his fault God gave him a pinky winky!!
User from TN - 06-07
User from VA - 06-06
If the guy felt like he had a problem, then he should have discussed way before marriage. No, he tricked her and count on her Christian view points to keep it going.
Olga Merino - 06-06
Well HELL! with all the cosmetic surgeries available he should have fixed his tiny problem and at least let her know. Dam right shes pissed, it is something you can hide with make up 😳
User from TX - 06-06
Good creep
Carrie Henry - 06-06
I feeling badly for them both..
Captain Awesome - 06-06
Brahahaha 🀣🀣 what the what?! Poor guy has a micro hog!! Is that even real?! Lol sounds made up
Jonny - 06-06
defamation really he can only sue if it isnt true lol
User from MT - 06-06
Hopefully she’s loaded.
ToniMarie Landino - 06-06
Never date a guy who won't show his junk. lol. Just goes to show SIZE matters
Mari Somers - 06-06
Well she didn't marry for love that's for sure.They both are wrong to a fault.Yes most of us test drive before buying a car.Putting it politely, others do wait for religious reasons.But wonder how long they were dating?Usually not saying me lol you kinda have a little no PUN intended, a very close up romantic time did she not notice even with clothes on. This is hard sorry wrong word.Without saying to much more i am just leaving it whatever size, situation it was just divorce, if you loved him no matter what should never put husband on blast PUBLICLY.
Johnson Levi - 06-06
I've never had that problem so i can't help
User from AL - 06-06
That there is evidence that β€œSIZE MATTERSβ€πŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺ🀬😱😱😨😱😨
John moses Browning - 06-06
sounds like fake news
Sybile Ann - 06-05
just hope he is an artist with his tongue πŸ€”
Debra Carr - 06-04
some of the comments I read on here are way more funny than the story itself! Thanks for the laugh! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
James Weaver - 06-04
This dude must've known that sooner or later he was goin' to be called upon to fulfill his carnal duties...
Kevin Dingledine - 06-03
u better kno it...
Dee Sherry - 06-02
Try before you buy
Charles Baughman - 06-01
so much for love, if you really love someone, you work through it. This world is falling apart due to selfishness and materialism.
Renee Charles - 06-01
Cynthia,I wish these Christian's would listen to your kind of logic! You make perfect sense,he deceived her is right!
C Skulls - 06-01
LOL! Probably another Christian weirdo who believed it would be a sin to be together before marriage, I guess that's what happens!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚