Miley Cyrus’ Mom Poses In Front Of Locker Filled With Marijuana & Billy Ray Is Here For It

Hollywood Life - 02-18


Miley Cyrus has been open about her weed-smoking habits for years, and now it seems like her mom, Tish Cyrus, is jumping on the bandwagon, and Billy Ray is here for it!. Tish Cyrus is far from breaking Billy Ray Cyrus‘s achy-breaky-heart! Miley Cyrus‘s mom posed in front of a locker filled with bags of marijuana and Billy Ray took to Twitter to share the pic and his love for it! “Yes! Like I said yesterday @TishCyrus…. my how the times they are a changing #CrAzYMaMa,” the country crooner captioned the photo. In the tweet, Billy Ray was referring to the Valentine’s Day bouquet he gifted his wife of 25 years, which was filled with gorgeous greens and… weed! “What? And I had to be a closet smoker for 40 years? Once had to buy @TishCyrus a car just because she smelled it on me,” he wrote under the photo of Tish holding the bouquet that had a sweet note on it. “Try not to smoke it all in one sitting,” it read, in part. LOL!

LOREN Reece: A family of brain dead people.

Elisa Griffith: And they repulse me with their daughter miley but we can't judge because look at the other trifling women that we encourage our children to watch. Beyonce Madonna mariah Carey Niki minji cardb I mean the entertainment business is literally pumping out sex trade business and its sickening. Where have the strong women gone?

Janet Huffman: This family will do anything for publicity, they are DISGUSTING!!!!

Lesa Kaulfuss: Trash begets trash. Must be proud. It's amazing this got them on the internet. Not talent but trash.

LOREN Reece: Elisa Griffith the decent females of fame are all but gone. We still have some. The females you mentioned are exhibitionists now in order to stay in the spotlight.


LSPARKER - 06-06
I always liked his music but don't approve of drugs. I will definitely pray for them
Deborah Cronkhite - 06-04
Poor family without God, rules, respect, apparently no good role models. I feel so sorry for these lost souls!
User from NJ - 06-04
Why isn't the FBI arresting them??? Photo the proof?? No wonder her daughter trashing herself!
Ron Hurst - 06-04
my favorite family,, besides mine lol
User from KS - 05-24
Can we put Billy Ray away. He’s almost as bad as Miley! Can’t stands either of them
Roy McAlister - 05-23
Hell, why not... their IQ’s are already well below average.
Smoke more weed 💯💯💯
Therese A - 05-21
Nothing sexy about any of the Kardashians.
Chris Jennings - 05-20
Well that explains a lot.
Roku Tv - 05-20
I thought they were the cast of Duck Dynasty
Helena Plowman - 05-20
always thought her mom died
Ilene Ramharter - 05-20
These people have so much money they make me sick I don’t know if they know what happened or how it is but soon they well
User from MD - 05-20
how did did miley end up so ugly and talentless
User from MD - 05-20
and that is it.
User from TX - 05-20
It’s a cure all
Lucille VanSciver - 05-20
Billy Ray used to be so talented and had great albums.
Pope Poolada - 05-20
I wish I was one of her close friends....🤯 WORD UP!!!!!
Macks Smith - 05-20
pot head.stoners All 3 of them
Sheryl Logan - 05-20
hell yhea
Michael Crosby - 05-20
dang what's the leagle limit there?
Charissa Ingram - 05-20
whlle i dont agree with this family, its sad to see so many poor and trashy people taking the time to call a family they dont know names. very mature and good hearted. wheres all of your millions?
Goldfinger - 05-20
Trash spawns trash.
Bonnie Murray - 05-20
Wow great parents and you wondered she was so messed up
User from CA - 05-20
Well that explains a lot
mario guillaumin - 05-19
where's the pic
lock me in there and throw away the key!
David Wilkinson - 05-19
Its a crutch like alcohol...nothing else.
Eddie Gibson - 05-19
racist stuff is being made out of every thing you read now,im glad to see people wakening up and seeing through it,and now you can see the people crying racist are the real racist,
User from MI - 05-19
HOW LOVELY. What a disgrace.
Angela Corrao - 05-19
weed is bad for the brain. mom should be a better role model period!