Why Teachers Quit

weareteachers.com - 06-14


The 2018–19 school year was a tumultuous one, to say the least. Hundreds of thousands of educators participated in walkouts and pay disputes across the country, and record numbers decided it was time to quit.


Kris Snare - 11-30
Parents and their failure to teach their children important things like coping skills will, sadly, likely be the end of my career. An increasing number of parents are failing their children because they are afraid their kids might be upset with them. Young children don’t need parents to be adult friends.
David Bullard - 11-30
I would love to have a permanent position.
Tom Nadeau - 11-30
If the pay was worth it.. But it isnt..
Greg Tillman - 11-30
As a teacher in a private preschool, I teach in an ideal environment. I often consider making the jump to public schools for increase in pay and insurance benefits. I'm involved as a parent and a substitute teacher in my kids' school; I've talked to many discontent and over/underwhelmed teachers. I ask you this...what is it going to take to make a POSITIVE change in our public school systems??? I ask in hopes of creating change!!
Savage Jay - 11-30
Some things we can't control (such as parenting, economic disadvantage, % of special ed) & admin tries to fix things (keeping prep sacred, common planning time, efficiency, not adding to an already full plate) but budget, insurance (that is determined by budget/funding/school board), & the building(s) we're given isn't in our control. But what about the positives? I see so much talent, care, dedication, & great kids - that deserves attention 😊. Let's shout out the positives - there's so many great things!
Greg Hollingsworth - 11-30
30 to 45 page IEPs and administrators who don't know sped law!!
EL Compa DE Sinaloa - 11-30
We always speak of creating a conducive environment for students to learn, but this is one of the only careers where there isn't any or much effort placed on creating a conducive place for the employees to work in. Companies put out big money to retain and recruit qualified workers. It's always about the student and never about the teacher. The priority needs to come from the top, not just from the PTA.
Yingliang Han - 11-30
How about interfering parents who think they know more than the teachers...
Mitch Price - 11-30
And then coming home to get ripped to shreds for “liberal brainwashing”, “union thuggery”, etc from the General public
Roberto Morales - 11-30
I have three years left after this year until I can retire and I wonder if I'm going to make it.