Mom and Daughter, 8, Found Dead After Woman Complained Neighbor Stalked Her with Notes

People - 11-27


For months, Rebecca Pletnewski fearfully told family and friends her neighbor was stalking her. Now, the 41-year-old Ohio woman and her 8-year-old daughter are dead — allegedly murdered by that very neighbor, who police say stabbed Pletnewski to death before setting her house on fire, killing the little girl.

UxG MoO: give his ass lethal injection now

Gregory Jonassaint: The authorities should not waste any time with this murdering piece of fecal matter. The authorities should just throw some gasoline on this murdering punk, light it, and watch him burn to death in a ball of fire for killing this woman and her little daughter.

Rodney Crecy: He deserves whatever happens to him. It is too much of this taking place. Women should be able to walk freely without the fear of being forced into a relationship. This guy alone with anyone that kills a woman and her children because they feel rejected should be injected. Bottom line, no matter the race of either.

margaret raines: why didn't she get herself a firearm and learn to use it .fill his sick ads full of lead

Marc Mckinney: This is precisely what the death penalty is for .


Rosemary Ducharme - 05-23
why you blaming the victim?
User from PA - 05-21
Sad 😢
Luna Solar - 05-21
yeah they're probably bullshitted her with oh yeah you should get one of those ring doorbell things or a paper restraining order or maybe some pepper spray a we can't do anything until they actually hurt you this is so terrible
Tony Stark - 05-18
Water board, 8 hours on a slow run. Extreme cold for 1 hour...Then stoned to death.
pmp2559 - 05-17
If the 'law' knew about it why didn't they take action and if they didn't why wasn't reported? This is for every similar story like this
Luna Solar - 05-13
I thought it was a woman who do this because the name was Dominique it's not just a typo cuz it uses that name and then it says his so is it a man with a woman's name or was it a typo saying his and it's really a woman who did it
Patricia Minter - 05-05
RIP Dear Lady and Daughter🌹🌷🍃🌷🌹
Katrina-Warren Manrow - 04-25
Stalkers are insane☠️🔫problem solved.RIP mother and daughter 🌹
April Signorelli - 04-22
If someone would have listened and done something right away this probably would not have happened. Im sick of it always when its to late;(
Mary-Beth Mills - 04-21
sick of these men that think they can just take a woman.
Van Green - 12-03
User from IL - 11-30
Rest in peace 😢
User from IL - 11-30
Stupid people
Josh Howard - 11-30
Marc Mckinney - 11-29
This is precisely what the death penalty is for .
Elle Dub - 11-29
how horrible! a woman who made something of herself, dedicated to serving the public as a ICU nurse and then her daughter, just beginning her life, little yet destined for greatness. their lives snubbed out like a cigarette butt🤬🤬🤬. it's not fair!!! RIP 😢
Diane Lewis - 11-29
That's the system for you,this is Terrible, You mean to tell me she told the jerks about the manic,No one Paid No Attention or Seek Help.Something is Wrong With People
Roy Bishop - 11-28
now if she was armed, training on firearms,she could have saved her own life and daughter. ..depending on a 911 operator is like swing at a ball when it as already passed....
Audra Ortiz - 11-28
wth why my question is she told friends and family and pd no extra patrols put out thats my question omg she had enough ev.why the f was she and child not protected qth is wrong w this country now a day in past if a mom w a child got stalked they would of had more back then police cruisers and the judge would be all over it wtf is wrong w system and country o dont get it now a child is gone well hope they all can live w themselves now a pure beautiful in.child and a mom died hope they all cause nothing was done i hope to god they all have nightmares of trag.for rest of their lives
J. Castro - 11-28
God how tragic. Another coward ass piece of dog shit with no game gets revenge on a woman and her baby girl for being pay to get my hands on this mf
Carolyn Paul - 11-28
Jones Obituary
jan paul knapstein - 11-28
Poor Women, a large dog would have deterred that sick fuck. They should kill him slowly, but he'll plea it out as a crime of passion or something. Sad
Zanne Goldwire - 11-28
It's so sad that with so many complaints and concerns from the victim, her family and friends about their safety...the police suspected him but did nothing to apprehend him ...even for questioning. Now two innocent lives are taken senselessly.. My sincere condolences to the family and friends during this most difficult time.🙏
Tammy Emberton - 11-28
gosh this guy is full of jealous evil hatred yes he deserves death too.
Kathy Tester - 11-28
I think they should bring back hanging Alot of this shit would stop what say you
sp90 goven - 11-28
had a white man killed a black women there would he'll to pay there would be marches this exact crime happens 5 times a day in the US . but we are not allowed to talk about.
R Scott - 11-28
where was her help. this is someone who should have been taught to shoot and defend her and her child now their both dead thanks law enforcement officials some of you are worthless just worthless they must have lived in California?
Suzanne Olsen-Sadowski - 11-28
He could Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, African-American, African, he could even be from Central America or South America. Doesn't matter what nationality he is! The warning signs were there. She reported him. Didn't anyone take her seriously??
Dean Yates - 11-28
gun needed
nakeitha carey-thomas - 11-28