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Man Who Raped Teen While She Died of Overdose, Texted Explicit Photos Will Serve Fewer Than 3 Years

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Last week, a Washington State judge sentenced an admitted rapist to 34 months in prison forthe role he played in the overdose death of an 18-year-old womanearlier this year. But first, the judge took a moment to voice her frustrations with the state-mandated sentencing limits that restricted her from imposing a harsher sentence against 20-year-old Brian Varela.Varela admitted sexually assaulting an unconscious Alyssa Noceda back on Feb. 3. He then sent partially-nude photos of her to a group text.Varela boasted about having sex with the Mariner High School student to his co-workers at Dairy Queen, where he then worked a double shift before returning home to stuff her body into a crate with plans to bury it later.

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