This Woman's Endometriosis Halloween Costume Shows How Painful Living With The Disease Can Be - 11-03


Just because endometriosis is invisible. Doesn’t mean it isn’t there! (affective feeling of imagining what endometriosis would look like if visible)Imagine your own body going AGAINST YOU.Imagine a sort of cancer that won’t kill you, but you will live with forever.Imagine finding out there is no cure.Imagine knowing you will have to live with this for the rest of your life.Imagine constantly being told false information by professionals… ‘’have a baby it will cure you’’ or ‘’have a hysterectomy it will cure you’’You are actually made to feel like this is your only option.It causes fertility problems.Being told to have ‘child’ when having a children may not be an option for you.Anxiety and depression emerge, you begin to forget how to keep it at bay.Crippling pain that stops you from doing the hobbies you love.Excruciating pain that stops you from being employed and making a living.Bloating so much you look 6 months pregnant.Constant trips to A&E for help.Pain that feels like fireworks are trapped exploding throughout your body.Pain that feels like a cat is trying to claw its way out of your abdominal.Pain that feels like your organs are being carved out like a pumpkin on halloween.Pain that makes you physically sick.Pain that feels forever lasting.To feel so horrific and no-one believes you because you don’t look unwell. I hope this message is powerful. Happy Halloween my loves X