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Will Smith says he cried 'uncontrollably' when he realized he was with the wrong person after meeting Jada Pinkett Smith

INSIDER - 10-24


Jada Pinkett Smithsat down with husbandWill Smith, mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones, and daughterWillow Smithfor the latest episode of herFacebook Watch series "Red Table Talk."Will Smith recalled being married to Sheree Zampino and realizing he was in a relationship with the wrong person after meeting and instantly connecting with Pinkett Smith.The "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" star said he cried "uncontrollably" in a bathroom stall while having dinner at a restaurant with Zampino.Smith said he and Pinkett Smith "always had a beautiful energy." He said, "I knew that was the woman I was supposed to be with, but I was never getting divorced. I don't get divorced."Zampino filed for divorce from the actor and minutes after signing the papers, he called the "Girls Trip" star and asked her if she was single.

Gary Larson: who gives a fck about these hollyweirdos

Azalea: should be crying about those kids he's got!

Carlos Harris: All the celebrity controlled by Illuminati anyway.

Grace Williams: give it a rest...they have been in the news over and over. who cares

Rob Anderson: will smith is homosexual facts


Gabriel Aroncelli - 20 days ago
User from CA - 20 days ago
Good actor lousy parents
Lillian Lindquist - 20 days ago
Patty N - 20 days ago
first you have to be real and be truthful about your closet homosexuality. alongside your buddies, Travolta, and Cruise. As if others haven't figured it out. DUH!
Shanie Shan - 21 days ago
And now they are in an open marriage so I guess he’s still with the wrong person. Or not.
Matthew Henderson - 22 days ago
I LOVE Jesus
Os Pe - 22 days ago
lolhahahau right
Rosa Aviles-Valentin - 24 days ago
I'm glad they ended up together. I never heard anything negative about them til now people need to stop hating on them and I don't believe he is a homosexual they do great with their children so what's the issue all of you negative people have with them I believe it is jealousy and nothing else he's come a looking way all of his movies are great and so are hers I love Will Smith and I will dont see anything wrong them I will always stand by Mr & Mrs Smith side give it a rest people and stop hating
User from PA - 24 days ago
She changed you. Now no morals. You had some before
JUST US - 25 days ago
Whats understood dont need to be explained lame will Smith.
Thomas Red X Jackson - 28 days ago
✴hey I'm lonely too↖🙄↗
Thomas Red X Jackson - 28 days ago
Justin is trying to shock publicize his re-entry into the biz,after laying low at Hillsongs.🤑❎❌™
Deloies Kilgore - 29 days ago
Now this I don't believe
slash - 05-26
who cares
Arthur Mcfly - 05-24
all you celebrities is a puppet for illuminati the things people do for money and fame🎥
Just'n Opinion - 05-24
Jada telling all her personal secrets to the world! What a class act...not! This is her legacy that will be left behind for her future grandchildren to hear about. Money or not, have some integrity. The world makes enough judgment towards you. Why feed them free private experiences?! Dont think about 'the here, and, now'...think about the future!
Towne Club - 05-24
The modern day Addams Family.
Janretta Lewis - 05-24
Glenn Janie - 05-23
when you got money you can Live as freely as you want to no matter what ppl think you are it just matter that.s. fact. not. opinion
Louise Callis - 05-22
well, he needs to give it to her.
Rita Dunham - 05-22
I love this family also. 💕💕💕
Cathy Reed - 05-21
he is a man that wants to keep peace just don't love her
Corn Bread - 05-21
she's a man! like muchell obama
User from CA - 05-21
Sounds like an Usher song.
Milton Hillman - 05-21
I finally know what it means when you hear Love don’t love nobody!!
Peggy Duey - 05-21
Isn’t he STILL with the wrong person? Dog.
Eric Gardner - 05-21
I love Will Smith but that is one strange family!
Jerry Sukeforth - 05-20
really really well 😊👍
Cary Burton - 05-20
Brian Fowler - 05-20
big deal