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Perfectly Preserved Black Woman Found Buried In Iron Coffin Turns Out to be 26-Year-Old Who Died from Smallpox

Atlanta Blackstar - 10-01


Construction workers were shocked when they unearthed the human remains while digging in an excavation pit in Elmhurst, Queens in October 2011,the New York Post reported. The workers initially thought they hit a pipe, but their tools emerged from the ground to reveal a woman’s body, still perfectly intact, wearing a long white dress and knee-high socks.

Left Pocket: Black majestic queen Martha! I can only imagine the racism and torture of your time in this morally depleted America! RIP majestic queen!

Ernestine Johnson: this story is so amazing just think she was alive 150 years ago

The Real Thing.: WTF is with all these racist comments on both sides?! I'm glad they are doing the right thing by identifying her and giving her a respectful burial.

Gin Galindo: Continue resting in peace my sister

Debra Hasan: rip/black don't crack


QUEEN MiRi - 22 days ago
Ronnett Ronnie Holden-Robinson - 29 days ago
Wooooooooow! Amazing! But can the virus spread after being closed up for all those years? Small Pox caused alot of deaths in that time. If that illness ever returns it would be very even more deaths GOD forbids!
Gregory Bonds - 30 days ago
Debra Jamieson - 05-24
sad cause once it's open the smallpox is worse
Debbie Poulin - 05-24
Wow!! Amazing!!
Jonny - 05-23
i think her family should get a check watch thats whats next lol maybe she voted for obama lol who gives a shit no one alive knows who she is
Miranda Davis - 05-22
mo a - 05-22
S. I. P
Quiana N Robinson - 05-22
They should of put her in a museum for display.That is awesome.she was beautiful as the day she died.I dont know what it is about us black people not cracking but I'm thankful!
User from MA - 05-22
She was a domestic....I just hope that she was not berries alive...if she is intact she must of been a mártir .
Sandra Keeton - 05-22
WOW how amazing. No the virus is not still alive.
User from FL - 05-22
J Stewart - 05-22
Alice Jones - 05-22
That’s why I want to be cremated-Nothing to find later to be discovered 150 years later
User from WA - 05-22
You mean the small pox virus was still alive in her at “non threatening levels?” Did I read that right?
Chelle Chelle - 05-22
The Real Thing. - 05-22
WTF is with all these racist comments on both sides?! I'm glad they are doing the right thing by identifying her and giving her a respectful burial.
Francisco VETERAN - 05-22
This is so beautiful & scary at the same time. She’s stunning & I’m sorry she died so young. She needs the be reburied according to the new African American ‘NAGPRA’. AND we need vaccines appropriate for the form of the disease at that time. King Tut’s tomb was not haunted-multiple foreign air borne germs were released & spread.
Ash.K.C - 05-22
A part of me wants to defend myself to some of these racists... but it looks like there is a pretty good balance already on this feed. some of these comments are cringeworthy for BOTH sides.....
Neil Belcher - 05-22
their is a lot of places around nyc thats ancient black burial grounds. but the youths now a days dont care,so they end up been sold, dump on,n build on.
Spidey D Mon - 05-22
... here comes smallpox, again!!!!
Esperanzia Harris Williams-Sorrels - 05-22
WOW, unbelievable, beautiful ebony queen, u kno it was racism big time back then. Wondering if she had any family. I hope the smallpox she died was evaporated, enuff shyt running around now.
Asha - 05-22
Windy1 - 05-22
rip Martha
Jake Olson - 05-22
Everyone here mentioning skin color and all I can think is “The body was so well preserved that I would not have been shocked if the smallpox virus had survived,” Warnasch said
Brandi N Rollins - 05-21
wow. Comes on tomorrow tonight. bet that would be a good documentary to watch.
Idalia Garcia - 05-21
Some people in here with thier comments have no respect, no class. Just Shut up if you going to be nagitive. Please let her RIP.
Lou Sear - 05-21
William Watson - 05-21
William Watson - 05-21