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Florida Prisoner Brutally Killed And Mutilated By Fellow Inmate, Officials Say

HuffingtonPost - 09-16


The attack is believed to have occurred on Thursday morning at theColumbia Correctional Institution Annex, with sources telling the Herald that the killer, who has not yet been identified, left his victim’s eyeballs in a cup with theintention of later eating or drinking them.

Robin Deem: see, that's why they need to put them down right after sentencing instead of letting them live for another 30 yrs, sucking on the taxpayers titties..... One of my family members was a murder victim... his killer lived for 30 yrs before he died. My grandfather wasnt given that choice and my aunt's and uncle's grew up without a dad. All for 7.33 the killer got during the robbery. Gas the prisons death row inmates...

Mark Thompson: it's all fun and games until anyone of you go to prison, then it's poor you. lmao I've served 9 years in prison and there's lots of people go to prison everyday for the smallest stupidest things . so keep saying the stupid comments your saying because I do believe in karma. just realize if or when you go to prison remember what you said because it's a different life in there, there's no rules of any kind and no protection for you dumb as people who probably will have to check into pc. and half the times the guards are the ones who do The Killing and the beatings and if that's the case there's no protection for you so just remember your words next time you type stupid ass comments on post like these

Joan L Dewey: actually life in prison is worth than taking the easy way out death! I know how ppl may think that but it's so much worse living ur life out in there, everyday it gets so lonely. I've been to prison but for nothing that serious, just drugs. Its really hard and a lonely way of life., with day in and day out someone telling u when to eat, shit, what to wear, what u can say, and sleep. basically it's like ur nothing in there with everyone telling u what to do and controlling every aspect of ur life! I've cleaned up my life, that's not some place I EVER want to go again!! Some ppl really deserve it but there are also plenty of decent nice ppl that just made a wrong choice in life!

Rice: No sympathy! If you want to protect criminals that murder, and rape the innocent then let them live with you. They do not deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of us.

Tasha Williams: so u mean to tell me he was able to do all this and the guards didnt know rite off hand i thought they do cell checks constantly well someone was not doing there job i just dont understand the doc is slipping fr


Timmy Breighner - 16 days ago
weres the staff an guards watching TV opra lol
Gw Gw - 23 days ago
justice served animals kill each other good
Bonnie Heath - 25 days ago
😈 witch craft demon possessed
Ronald Pierce - 25 days ago
Florida Corrections is one of the worst in the Country.
Debbie Luck - 30 days ago
what goes around comes around
SummerG⛵Ore. - 05-23
Sure sounds evil to me! 😲😬
Eric the Great - 05-23
what's the problem? his victim suffered
Edward Brantley - 05-23
I like happy endings like this.
Keith Stahl - 05-23
One of Mike Tyson's realitive
Minong Maniac - 05-18
Thanks for the tax dollar savings. Keep it up!
User from TX - 05-17
Rocky Edwards - 05-16
I think a lie detector test along with DNA testing needs to be administered once investigators think they have the suspect to prove without a shadow of a doubt that is the suspect once proven guilty by a judge and jury they should hang them immediately if for whatever reason they cannot prove the suspect guilty 100 percent they should give them life in a cell by themselves no other inmates until they can either prove it 100 percent or capture the true suspect and disallow any of this crooked stuff going on like favoritism and money talks we need true Christians running it who are 100 percent honest and dont lie just because you swear an oath doesnt mean anything to some people
Mike Preece - 05-12
feed him better
Rasta 82 - 05-01
Eye won't something to drink
Nikki McQueen - 04-28
How is this BS. safe
Cindy Hildebrand - 04-27
and the prison should be sued but I believe an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth but that's not the long now is it so do your jobs
Cindy Hildebrand - 04-27
that's all you have to do is make rubber utensils this way no one can make handmade knives or weapons real simple and do not put motor together in the same cell make them one man sells and put every one of them on death row murder got murder that murder
Kay Warren - 04-27
I just read another story on this. His entire face is tatted up with really bad jailhouse tattoos! Even his eye sockets! He looks like the devil himself! But Cali will never put him to death like he deserves! Think about what he did...removed ole dudes eyes and other organs! That had to take a minute. He had to be covered in blood on his way to the chow line. How did nobody hear anything? Cameras are everywhere except on that one cell block? Yeah right...BUILD THE WALL
Aimee - 04-26
Maybe the inmate was hard of hearing , and needed a third ear . Thanks mister. Send that man to the border. 😜
Jan Miller - 09-19
let them all kill each other, when there in.
Gene Ortega - 09-17
Giovanni Vargas - 09-17
Yes... get respect
Edward Brantley - 09-17
Cody Khalil - 09-17
he won't be pestering anybody anymore.
Brittany Smith - 09-17
well if it's anything like the female Annex in Brevard County that's where all the murderers,pregnant chicks and anyone with a medical problem it probably was another murderer or crazy mother fucker I'm going to go with both crazy and murderer. Shit the dude that killed my dad is the reason jails have Flex pens instead of pencils, he stabbed his roommate in the face with a pencil while he was sleep until the pencil was no more. crazy people!
User from NM - 09-17
Ahhh Florida
Roscoe Bradley - 09-17
man I did 30and 1 half years in prison and I thought I saw it all smfh
Becca Douglas - 09-17
that that goes to show you that the officers aren't doing their jobs they're sitting on their big asses eating and playing on their phones while other cell mates are killing each other
Judith Mead Jackson - 09-17
now ik they know who did it! they have cameras everywhere...prison please they need to catch him and chair his *ss
Malania Masters - 09-17
what the hell is going on in that place?