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Baby killer who punched newborn daughter to death is found dead in his cell - 08-16


A father who killed his daughter because she wouldn’t stop crying has been found dead in his cell after apparently being murdered by another inmate.Liam Deane, 22, was jailed a month ago after pleading guilty to punching two-day-old Luna in the face causing fatal injuries.He was found dead in his cell at HMP Leeds on Sunday and another inmate, John Westland, 28, has been charged with murder.Westland was flanked by two police officers and a member of court escort staff as he was brought into the dock.He remained handcuffed throughout the brief hearing, speaking only to confirm his personal details.A hearing will take place on Thursday at Leeds Crown Court. Luna’s mum had left her with Deane while she went to get some sleep.But he lost his temper during the night when Luna continued to cry, Leeds Crown Court heard.Prosecutor Michael Smith said the injuries found on the baby included injuries to her brain, body and face.

Stephanie Summers: The inmate did justice for baby Luna. He should not be charged he did what at one if us would do. Thank you for taking care of that scum. He didn't deserve to live.

Heather Paris: Can we put money on his books, he did the world a favor

perry porter: jail house justice!!! I love it. Now let's do the rapists and pedophiles😀😀😀🔫😗😗😗😗

lenna mp: I’m tired of reading stories like these and crying knowing how many babies are abused or killed in this country. People are ignorant to babies and their development. If baby is crying, it’s because some need is not being met. It’s very common nowadays for people to leave babies crying for long periods of time because they think simply holding them or nurturing them is “giving in”, meanwhile babies are dying every year due to shaken baby syndrome or actual beatings, because people don’t understand why baby is crying after they’ve been fed and changed. Babies actually require more than just milk and a diaper change. They need to feel close to their primary caretaker; this means holding them, rocking them and skin to skin contact is so absolutely beneficial.

Tkeylah Rice: Good he deserved .what he got he could have walked .and let her cry instead .he killed her hope the bloke who did it gets pat on back


Craze Vlogs - 10 days ago
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James Rooks - 27 days ago
PLEASE tell me he suffered while dying!
Suzan Gaalema Phelps - 05-24
Love Jail House Justice.
Dale Powers - 05-24
well I guess he will NOT have "a long time to reflect". Good.
Micah David - 05-24
state car
Jason Wood - 05-24
Stephanie Hall - 05-24
PRAYING that you got a change to ask God for forgiveness 🙏...
Tracey Schultz - 05-24
He got what he deserved. Did this nut seriously think punching a crying baby would stop the crying. Im just horrified. Why is there no instinct to protect this baby. My 6 month old grandson kept me awake most of the night but I wouldnt dream of hurting him. Hes the most amazing child and is greatly loved. I despise people who hurt children. God bless this little baby whod only just arrived and pray she is in Gods loving arms where nobody will ever hurt her again
Brenda Jonesmaththis - 05-24
I hope he never gets out of prison
John Kozak - 05-24
Lindsay DeGrote - 05-24
C Skulls - 05-23
Karma!! lol
denise pettis - 05-23
no1 ever should punch our child of the future.!
Luna Solar - 05-23
oh look another Millennial parent with no empathy and no impulse control killing their kid
User from NJ - 05-23
Karma got what he deserved inmates don't like children abuse he won't be missed
Bree M. Seals - 05-23
these people where created by the devil himself!
Bree M. Seals - 05-23
such a sick race!
Dolly Mitchell - 05-23
No loss
Michael Pugh - 05-23
Now that is justice served
Odin - 05-23
just saved the tax payers money. Karma?
User from SC - 05-23
He got what he deserved 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
Eujean Montius - 05-23
he deserved everything that kame to him
Reilly Moore - 05-23
When is the hero's parade for John Westland? Better yet, put his statue in the downtown area - maybe outside of the Administration for Children Services so the entire city will remember and honor his true act of heroism.
User from CA - 05-23
Good I hope it was painful and slow.
Darlene Purcell - 05-23
The dad got what he deserved! The guy that killed the dad, should be able to go free!!! He did the justice system a big favor!
User from LA - 05-23
The guy that killed him is a hero saved me and everyone else’s tax dollars
User from CA - 05-23
That inmate deserves a medal!
mike aultz - 05-23
good riddance to that POS sob
Shawn Smith - 05-23
well this one sorted itself out
User from PA - 05-23
That’s what you get when you hurt an innocent child.