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The cruel father brutally beat his 10-year-old daughter and dragged her legs along the running motorcycle - 08-06


A recent video clip of a father abusing his own daughter has caused out among the netizens. Accordingly, in the video that is longer than 1 minute, the man is seen to have used a wooden stick to hit 10-year-old daughter’s head, back and butt. The incident was recorded in Guangxi Province, China. Being beaten, the girl lay with non-stop screaming and crying, asking for help from people nearby but no one stopped the father.

Sherry Simmons: Anybody who does this 2 innocent children should have the same thing done 2 them

Debbie Slaton: bastard! No matter where they are from, that is ABUSE and torture, l hope they drag him by the neck until dead!

Cathy Frasquillo: What is wrong with people, I would of jumped his ass to stop him!!!

James Lambert: 9mm to the head problem solved

User from IL: Hang him high the rotten bastard


Daniel L - 19 days ago
He doesn't deserve to have children. Hope he does lots of time. 👮‍♂️👮‍♀️
Killo Serafin - 19 days ago
I would like ! to drag him behind my truck ! so he would know what it felt like. some people shouldn’t have kids.
Paul Coker - 19 days ago
doing that to the dad is to good for him.....hanable lector cut his th throte and push him out a two story window
Keltec Respec - 20 days ago
Outrage amongst "Niticens"? I swear the people that wrote the stories on News Break don't take time to review what was written, they just hit the send button!
Anono Mon - 20 days ago
Jessica Soto - 20 days ago
hello, they eat dogs ... this surprises you?
Jessica Soto - 20 days ago
China status
Subaru Tech 107 - 20 days ago
What kind of retard writes these stories? outrage among the netizens? Wtf.
Rita Dyal - 20 days ago
Michelle Roberg - 20 days ago
Scum of the Earth!
Sue Watson - 20 days ago
asshole and those people thst didn't stop it are just as guilty as the father i hope thst poor girl heals from her injuries but she wont heal from the scars
Pamela Jo Lopez - 20 days ago
No words. Sometimes I hate people. Where is this child's mother? no one would ever do that to my child.
Stacey Tinsley - 20 days ago
User from PA - 20 days ago
Who took this video and didn’t stop it?
Sandy Gail F - 20 days ago
like I always say , not sure if nasty Chinese need to live here in America. they eat dogs as well . wonder why some woman with a spine didn't accost this particular filth of a man.
User from MO - 20 days ago
Who ever was filming this is just as much to blame
Latesica Pettibone - 20 days ago
someone needs to do the same to him...
User from IN - 20 days ago
Twoyne Croom - 20 days ago
that's China for ya.
User from NC - 20 days ago
Why did the photographer not stop it instead of filming it.
Sophia Harris - 20 days ago
go to school next time baby girl ,hope you learned from this !
User from IL - 20 days ago
But god forbid a woman want to have an abortion
User from IL - 20 days ago
There is nothing gained by posting this. Send it to the police and let them take care. This is only sick to keep reposting.
User from MA - 20 days ago
Is anyone helping this Child ??
Admiral Abstracting LLC - 20 days ago
unfortunately that happens everyday over there. Women/Girls are no value to them.
Curtis Zaidel - 20 days ago
My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and this innocent young girl. It's a F'ed up world we live in called earth. I hope they drag this bastard across China. God bless this little lady.I'm sure the scars, both mentally and physically heal. God bless the child.Much love from the Carolinas.Wooooooo. One love.
Shelley Stiles - 20 days ago
the people who would not help her should be arrested also.....
User from GA - 20 days ago
There are sick people everywhere. So sad😢😫
Shadow-Dennis Pippin - 20 days ago
the fact that no one stepped in says alot for the depravity of their society and cowardice of all their peoples!
Jesus Tanguma - 20 days ago
that's child abused not a spanking