R.I.P. To Tina Turner's Son, Found Dead Moments After Tina Walked Red Carpet, Details...

iloveoldschoolmusic.com - 2018-07-03


We are sending uplifting energy and love to Tina Turner and her family at this time. It’s just been reported that her eldest son, Craig Raymond Turner, has been found dead inside of his home.Tina Turner and her now deceased son, Craig Raymond Turner (via Facebook)Details Of Son’s Suicide

Angie Rice-Gaerttner: there's no greater loss than that of a child. I am so sorry Miss Tina my heart goes out to you. Prayers going going up for peace, comfort and strength.

Claude Watkins: I don't remind condolences the world condolences be strong sister God bless you and your family always a prayer

Mary Richardson: My condolences to Tina and her family,so sorry for your loss,may your son Craig RIP.

Myra Thornton: much love to you

User from FL: prayers to u beautiful great women .


Arlee Chambers - 05-25
.. pp00
Valarie Primous - 05-24
Windy1 - 05-24
rip Craig so sad. prayers to the family
Brenda Jonesmaththis - 05-24
praying for Tina and her family
Antoinette Jackson - 05-24
I am so sorry about your loss Tina Turner i know how it feel loss someone okay you is my biggest fan love you
T Porchia - 05-24
KFC ran out of chicken?
Checo PH - 05-24
Didn’t on of Tina Tuner’s son committed suicide like a year or two ago. I hope this is old news. But by the way RIP.
Patrick Washington - 05-24
fm Patrick's Diva Washington fm n. o. la God Blessings
Marvin Robinson - 05-24
Robin Phillips - 05-23
sorry for ur loss!
Cindy Curry - 05-23
I'm so sorry for your loss
User from NJ - 05-23
K snowflake. - 05-23
old news?
Wanda Denise Bailey Ratliff - 05-23
prayers for them all
Agnes Brown - 05-23
User from FL - 05-23
So very sad prayers going out to all
Margaret Evans-lee - 05-23
old news...
Michelle Rubin - 05-23
Theres plenty of new news to report try doing your job writers
Teresa Glasper - 05-23
my condolences 🙏🙏
Penny Beard - 05-23
Everyone please report Chelsey Smith's comment.
exflaca - 05-23
Wanda Jalomo - 05-23
He gave up his life & Tina gave up her citizenship..I say sad all around for everyone involved. Prayers to all those left to try & understand it. God bless all concerned.
Regina Temple - 05-23
sending lots of prayers to ya'll
Chelsea Perez - 05-22
Why the hell are all these old articles popping up
Crystal Brannon - 05-22
sending my condolences
Randy Shane Bailey - 05-22
who cares
Carolyn Saunders - 05-22
This is 2019 Are you kidding me?
Felicia Brown - 05-22
sorry for your loss. May God bless you and keep you.
Carol Huey - 05-22
all pray s to family
Felicia Glover - 05-22
My deepest condolences to you (Tina) & your family💔🙏🕊🕊🕊