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Man Accidentally Released from Jail Goes Home to His Wife. She Immediately Drives Him Back - 06-26


As theDaily Sentinelreports, the 38-year-old from Mesa County, Colorado was in jail, awaiting trial on charges of trespass, disorderly conduct, and menacing. For a short time, Rynerson shared a cell with a man named Marvin March, who was due to be released on May 21.

Tina Barbour: That’s a bunch of bullshit. There shouldn’t have been any additional charges, it was the jails error, this guy just went with it and then came back!!

Elmeasie Khaton: She did the right thing by returning him back to jail but the guards should be responsible for releasing the wrong guy because they wasn't trying to do that that was a mistake on them

Rozita samuels: He shouldn't get more charges, he went back. If anything the guards should be fired. At least, his wife had enough sense to take his behind back.

Kevin Jones: He shouldn't have left!! just saying .

Missy Carper: he shouldn't get any additional charges except for signing the other guys belongings out. that was the jails mistake


World 4 - 18 days ago
....did his wife let him hit it before she took him back to jail...
James Martin - 19 days ago
I think President Trump should hear about this one. give him amnesty
Nicole Whitley - 19 days ago
Michelle Lynn Larue - 20 days ago
Smart lady
JustAskVal - 20 days ago
Hi honey I'm home...sorry babe you need to go back. RIght thing to do and it was their mistake and since he returned there should not be new charges. BS
what’s up doc? - 20 days ago
Michael Risney - 20 days ago
Sancho was probably hiding in the house 😮
Rob Wallace - 21 days ago
I'm no saint but if I was in his shoes for such petty crimes I would of stayed put..he knew they screwed up and his lack of common sense got him more time..his own fualt
Jme Hilt - 21 days ago
not even correctional officers can do their job correctly. they r just as worse as a cop
Brenda Mcdonald - 22 days ago
Oh no you are going back now.
Kevin Williams - 22 days ago
Well to be perfectly honest, this is just my opinion, without offending anyone who might think differently. From my point of view, looking at this with a different perspective and without condemning anyone's view's or by trying to objectify them, while considering each and every one's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say. 🤔
Myra Plaskett - 23 days ago
Good Wife. Happy Life
Trin Banks - 23 days ago
she has someone else ...Facts....
Jamel Smith - 23 days ago
she took him back because her new boyfriend was coming over later
Caroline Reel - 23 days ago
That man was white if he was Black he couldn't have done it
Linda Rhyshek - 23 days ago
very plausible wrong inmate getting released happened in Michigan twice
Linda Rhyshek - 23 days ago
lol too funny but good
User from IA - 23 days ago
She took him back cause he wouldn’t shave his facial hair he thought was badass.
Robert A Huntley - 23 days ago
hell ya he should get additional charges he knew they were mistakingly releasing him under another inmates name .....hope he got laid before he went back ...probly not
AL R - 23 days ago
Shawn Bilow - 23 days ago
Lou Sear - 23 days ago
congeal visit
Melissa Belt - 23 days ago
that's bs. he should not have incurred any additional charges.
User from CA - 23 days ago
He probably didn’t realize the consequences of his actions I sure he wouldn’t have done it if he had That is a escape and forgery Can get up to 7 years I’m sure the judge would give him some Lenience ?
Jo Radze - 23 days ago
he should've told them of his mistake!!!!! now he has MORE charges against him !!!!!!
Truth Serum - 23 days ago
it figures! they F up and blame the inmate.. like he is suppose to know the system.. poor guy..LOL
Freckle Jay - 23 days ago
Lupillo Carranza - 23 days ago
User from FL - 23 days ago
🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣 you go girl Lmao
Kenneth Cleary - 23 days ago