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Remembering Peabody Award-Winning Radio Artist Joe Frank

Frank, who died on Monday, created the radio drama series Work in Progress andwas known for his intimate on-air monologues, sketches and interviews. Originally broadcast in 1989. Frank, who died on Monday, created the radio drama series Work in Progress andwas known for his intimate on-air monologue


Pop Culture Happy Hour: 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel'

When The Marvelous Mrs. Maiselwon two Golden Globes a few weekends back - one for Best Musical or Comedy TV Series and one for its star, Rachel Brosnahan - it helped transform a word-of-mouth sleeper hit into a something closer to a phenomenon. So it only made sense to discuss the show in depth. To


Is That Awl There Is? Remembering The Awl And The Hairpin

It's easiest to say what The Awl and The Hairpinwere by describing what they weren't. They weren't places you went for lazy listicles and clickbait quizzes - Which Character From 'The Greatest Showman' Are You? You didn't go there to get yet another hot take on whatever it was that everyone on socia


In 'Munich,' Neville Chamberlain Gets The Best Of Hitler

Author Richard Harris' new novel Munich takes us back to 1938, to the days before World War II. Of course, we say now that it was before the war - but back then, people weren't at all sure another war was coming. In September of that year, German leader Adolf Hitler demanded parts of neighboring Cze


'Den Of Thieves' Offers An Epic Cops And Robbers Tale, Re-'Heat'ed

There's something unfair about comparing any policier to Michael Mann's Heat, even if you dissent from the popular - and one hundred percent correct - notion that Heat is the best cops-and-robbers movie ever made. For one thing, Heat is more like a movie-plus-expansion pack, a remake of a film Mann


'Forever My Girl': A Familiar Tune, Played (Too) Simply

Based on a YA novel by Heidi McLaughlin, the endearingly old-fangled Forever My Girl is basically a stretched-out country music song with eye-catching Southern visuals and a familiar loop of lovelorn sorrow topped with uplift you can see coming from scene one. The woe comes on fast when a dewy youn


Documentary 'The Final Year' Offers Behind-The-Scenes Look At Obama's Foreign Policy

The first half hour of The Final Year is as pointlessly hectic as one of those action movies that's all incidents and no plot. But gradually documentarian Greg Barker's look at Barack Obama's foreign policy team comes into focus, thanks in large part to the counterpoint played by the Trump campaign.


'Portlandia' Is Ending, And Portlanders Are OK With That

There was a time when saying you lived in Portland, Ore., would get a response like, "That's above California, right?" Now, people not only know where the city is but also inevitably ask, "Is it just like the show?" IFC's Portlandia, which begins its eighth and final season on Thursday, put Portland