Jerry Brown Signs California's Death Warrant—His Ruling Signals The End - 2018-08-21


California’s Jerry Brown, or “Governor Moonbeam” as we like to call him, has been burning his state to the ground from the moment he took office.Time and again he’s proven he cares more about winning in politics than Californian citizens.Ironically, that’s going to be his demise—and the end of his beautiful state.These days, he’s put his hatred for the Trump administration front and center. He had been passing one policy after another that will ensure a miserable future for the state.All to snub the Commander in Chief.It’s really shocking to see how little the governor cares about California residents. He’s put drug dealers, child molesters, rapists, and killers before law-abiding citizens.Now his latest move will ensure even more scum will walk free, and flush one of our best states down the drain.From Breitbart:California Gov. Jerry Brown used his executive powers to issue 36 gubernatorial pardons on Friday, to hit a record of 1,018 pardons in eight years in office.