Meet Billa, the Rapper Son of Alleged College-Admissions Scandal Parents

Vanity Fair - 03-21


It didn’t take the paparazzi long last week to find the Fifth Avenue home of Gregory and Marcia Abbott, two of the parents named in the largest college admissions scandal in U.S. history. They gathered there, presumably hoping for a glimpse of or word with Gregory—the C.E.O. of food and beverage packaging company International Dispensing Corp.—or his wife, both of whom are accused of paying $125,000 to boost the standardized-testing scores of their daughter. (The Abbotts’ lawyers have not responded to a request for comment.) Instead, they found another family member: 21-year-old rapper Malcolm Abbott, the middle child of Gregory and Marcia, who goes by the name “Billa” and wanted to plug his new E.P.