Young and the Restless Characters We Think Might Not Make It

TVOvermind - 01-19


Young and the Restless fans thought there was a real chance that Nikki may die when the holidays were here and she was hit by a car, but she managed to survive the fact that her own grandson and friend were in a car that hit her. She’s coming back stronger than ever, but we didn’t know that this was something she was so passionate about. The last major main character to die in Genoa City was Hilary, and her death crushed the entire nation. And that means that there might be room in the new year for some new character deaths. While we don’t love to see our favorites come and go like that, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a lot of that around here. We do feel this means that something might happen soon, and we think that there could be some people going out the hard way. But who do we think might be the big victims?