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Alpena Prosecutor, Ed Black Prepares for a Temporary Leave of Office

As a member of the US Army Reserve, Prosecutor Ed Black is making arrangements just in case he is called to active duty in the upcoming weeks. Earlier this week, Black revealed in a finance committee that he could report to duty sometime in December, and would need to make preparations to hire someo

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Alpena Senior Citizens Learn Hands-On CPR Training

Dozens of senior citizens were inside of the Alpena Senior Citizens Center on Wednesday to learn a new training. Alpena firefighters, and paramedics provided hands only CPR demonstrations just in case seniors found themselves in a an emergency situation. "Seniors are a perfect audience. They're very

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Alpena breaks 2 weather records last week

According to National Weather Service Meteorologist in Gaylord Kevin Forina late last week a blast of cold air from the north dropped temperatures to its coldest points so far this winter. He said on Friday temperatures dropped as low as 9 degrees, which broke a record from from 1925 when it was 13

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Field Trip Friday A Trip Back In Time Pt II

In part I you watched Skubie and Alyssa rotate tires, weld metal and apply geometry to construction. In this week the fun continues for part II of their journey with the CTE program at Alpena High School.

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Fitness Fridays: Overcome Thanksgiving Woes With a Few Healthy Tips

Enjoy Thanksgiving without the fears of overeating, and dieting. Here's a few tips to help you survive the one day of eating all you can. Enjoy Thanksgiving without the fears of overeating, and dieting. Here's a few tips to help you survive the one day of eating all you can.

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Two-Day Investigation Determines Trailer Fire

A fire in Alpena Township left one trailer destroyed after erupting on Tuesday evening. Earlier this week, the Alpena Township Fire Department was dispatched to a house trailer fire around 6:30 pm. The fire occurred off of Bear Point Road and left damages inside of the trailer. A two-day investigati

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Besser Museum Preparing to Host Annual Christmas Gala This Saturday

The Besser Museum is already in the Christmas spirit this year preparing for their annual season of light Christmas Gala. The museum fundraiser will be held this Saturday for the entire family to enjoy holiday music, food, crafts, planetarium shows, history, and of course a new theme. The entire mus

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Operation Christmas Child is Accepting Shoebox Drop-Offs for 'National Collection Week'

Operation Christmas Child is currently loading up shoebox gifts that will land in the hands of many children around the world. Last week WBKB News covered local volunteers, and churches as they worked endless hours to put together toys, school supplies, and hygiene items, and now over 9,000 shoeboxe

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Holiday market benefits global mission

Bomb debris that once littered the Cambodian landscape, left behind after decades of war, has been transformed into one-of-a-kind jewelry. Artisans from the Rajana Association of Cambodia repurpose casings and shells into rings, necklaces and earrings to support themselves and promote a message of p


East Texas Drilling Report for Nov. 19

DEVELOPMENTAL (County; Operator; Lease/Well; Field; Survey; Type; Depth; Location) Harrison; Comstock Oil & Gas LP; Furrh H 3H; Carthage (Haynesville Shale); R. Mitchell/485; Gas; 13,000; 6.8 Miles SW Waskom Harrison; East Texas Exploration LLC; Turtle Creek 1; Carthage, North (Cotton Valley); Sm

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Woden HS agriscience students donate flagpole to Nacogdoches Marine veteran

A Marine Corps veteran wanting a flagpole probably provided a group of high school seniors their best civic lesson yet. "It's a big deal for me, so I just didn't want to order some flagpole from somewhere," said Scott Massey, a Marine veteran. "I thought how cool would it be to have local kids make

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Cute kitty has an even cuter name

Just like the popular drink he is named after, Pumpkin Spice came into the Nacogdoches Animal Shelter with a little kick and pretty scared. But, Torion Johnson, with the animal shelter, said that the sweetness has definitely set in. "The next day, he had already calmed down to where we can actually

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The twig girdler beetles are back

Years ago when I first noticed fallen twigs and dead leaves under our trees I wondered if we were experiencing a carefully planned and executed terrorist attack carried out by demented squirrels (squirrels are always good to blame if nothing else comes to mind). Nope, those nutsy little fluff-tailed


What's Cooking? Sugar-Free Recipes, New Trivia

I threw some things into the crockpot on a recent Friday morning, then I left for work. A little later, my younger daughter texted the house smelled horrible. She thought one of the 'hooligans' was possibly ill, but she couldn't tell. I replied it was probably my crockpot concoction, but if she want


Texas Rangers arrest Jasper Police officer on charge of sex assault of a child

The Texas Rangers arrested a Jasper Police officer on Friday on charges of sexual assault of a child. Billy Joe Murphy, 37, of Huntington, was charged with sexually assaulting a child who is younger than 17 years old, according to a press release from Texas Department of Public Safety Sgt. David Hen


Nacogdoches firefighters rescue woman who was trapped in car after wreck

The Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office gave a shout out to full-time and volunteer firefighters on his Facebook page after NFD firefighters and paramedics worked together to free a young woman from her car after it went off the road and struck a sign Wednesday afternoon. Nacogdoches County Sheriff


Breckenridge commits to being completely powered by renewable energy by 2035

"If this global warming keeps up, we might not even have a winter," Boy Scout Eli Larson told the town council Eli Pace, Summit DailyPeople who played critical roles in a resolution stating Breckenridge's commitment to a town-wide 100 percent renewable energy goal stand to be recognized at Tuesday's

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Breckenridge gets first look at possible four-star hotel deal

Elected officials didn't slam the door on a proposed 150-key, four-star hotel at the base of Peak 8 in Breckenridge, but after hearing preliminary details surrounding the project, they didn't exactly roll out a red carpet, either. The hotel, which it turns out would come with 50-60 wholly owned resi

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The Metropolitan Opera HD broadcast presents 'The Exterminator' in Breckenridge

Audrey Luna, who sings a high A in "The Exterminating Angel," a note so high it that has never been sung before in Met history. The Metropolitan Opera HD broadcast on Nov.18, at Colorado Mountain College, Breckenridge, will be the American premiere of contemporary British composer Thomas Ads's "The

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A guide to backcountry skiing bliss in Colorado's 10th Mountain Division Hut System

Skiers head up to one of the 35 10th Mountain Division Huts. (10th Mountain Division Hut Association) With Eagle County and the surrounding area set to receive a much-needed blast of snow, the winter season for the 10th Mountain Division Hut System is less than a week away. Thanksgiving marks the st

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