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These bees aren't going to count themselves! Maine eyes help with annual census.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is looking for volunteers to help with the Maine Bumble Bee Atlas. The atlas is a five-year survey looking to document different species of bumble bees all around the state.The atlas will seek to find out about bumble bees' ranges and abundance i

WMTW - 2018-05-20 14:47:00

Maine med school students find love in class of their own - Lewiston Sun Journal

As she remembers it, he cracked a joke and she laughed. As he remembers it … well, he doesn’t really.

SUN-JOURNAL - 2018-05-20 14:10:00

Maine brewer to debut beer benefiting Special Olympics

Rich Beauchesne | Portsmouth HeraldPat Rowan, owner of Woodland Farms Brewery in Kittery, holds out a glass of beer with local law enforcement officers Matt, left, and Brian Cummer. Brian Cummer, a Kittery community police officer, is the father of Matt, a corrections officer with the York County Sh

BANGOR DAILY NEWS - 2018-05-20 11:56:00

Maine high school students block street for prom photo as cops get in on the fun

The department told the students to enjoy their prom night, and to "Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people's thing alone, and be kind to one another. We will be here."

FOXNEWS - 2018-05-20 10:29:52

Dine Out Maine: At new house of Benkay, chef skillfully solves weekly mystery

Every Thursday, a little randomness arrives at Benkay. It comes in the form of a shipment to the restaurant’s new home on Middle Street in Portland – in boxes that are cold to the touch, imposingly heavy and branded with vendors’ logos from perhaps the world’s most famous fish market: Tsukiji, in To

PRESSHERALD.COM - 2018-05-20 08:00:00

Gov. LePage: Put blame for failed leadership where it belongs – with the majority in the Maine House

Speaker of the House Sara Gideon presides over the Democratic majority. Rather than sit down with Republicans and negotiate, Speaker Gideonaccused usof being terrorists. Then she killed Republican bills – bills that proposed good public policies – for no reason. Republicansput in billsto provide fun

PRESSHERALD.COM - 2018-05-20 08:00:00

Let there be dark: Advocates push Maine as astrotourism destination

Maine containsthe largest light-pollution-free area in the eastern halfof the United States. Measured on the Bortle scale (think Richter scale for astronomers) the darkest night skies in northern Maine place second on a scale of one to nine. The state’s quiet resource is a true night sky, one full o

PRESSHERALD.COM - 2018-05-20 08:00:00

Another View: Maine’s ranked-choice voting is a common-sense solution

The 2018 primaries will not just be about selecting party candidates. This year, Mainers will vote on a historic initiative – one that we already voted into law in 2016, and that our Legislature has fought ferociously to keep from implementing. Now, in the home stretch, we need every voter on board.

PRESSHERALD.COM - 2018-05-20 08:00:00

Jim Fossel: Maine again unable to seize opportunity

Now any state can legalize it, and many are already in the process of doing so: New Jersey, the plaintiff in the successful lawsuit, hopes to allow sports betting within a few weeks. Sadly, Maine is not in that position: we’re well behind the eight ball on moving forward with any kind of law to allo

CENTRALMAINE.COM - 2018-05-20 08:00:00

Greg Kesich: As nation divides, so does Maine

We pride ourselves on our political independence, but in the voting booth, partisanship rears its ubiquitous head.

CENTRALMAINE.COM - 2018-05-20 08:00:00

Celebrate Maine running

In the wake of the recent scandals, controversy and elitism that have plagued so many team sports, it is refreshing to recognize a pastime that unites communities, and is accessible to virtually all backgrounds and abilities: running.

CENTRALMAINE.COM - 2018-05-20 08:00:00

Maine Observer: Don’t let Portland’s season of surprise pass you by

As the warmer temperatures finally arrive this spring, and gardeners turn their attention to the ground, my gaze turns upward to the glorious array of trees that will flower in faithful succession.

PRESSHERALD.COM - 2018-05-20 08:00:00

A little art school on Maine’s coast takes big step toward greater recognition

While the school still has five more years before it can become fully accredited, school officials say the candidacy status is a boost for the school and its students, who will now be able to qualify for federal financial assistance.

BANGOR DAILY NEWS - 2018-05-20 06:56:00

In verse: Maine places and people - Lewiston Sun Journal

hope, like the trains in the distance, fleeting

SUN-JOURNAL - 2018-05-20 04:00:00

Broadband Survey in Belfast Maine needs local input by John Arrison - LATEST NEWS

A few years ago, Belfast City Council inaugurated a Broadband Committee to study the needs and opportunities for internet broadband service in our community. We have met with most all of the current Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to determine their present levels of service and their plans for ex

MAINEINSIGHTS.COM - 2018-05-20 00:00:00

More Than 150 firefighters Fought Maine Fire

JournaltribuneMore than 150 firefighters from several communities fought the wild fire that consumed an estimated 314 acres, mostly Kennebunk, Sanford and Wells on May 2 and 3.Read more at Journaltribune

FIREENGINEERING.COM - 2018-05-20 00:00:00

This video game helps Maine student athletes improve concussion care

Rich Saal | APChris Borland, a former NFL linebacker and Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year for the University of Wisconsin, testifies in March 2018 before an Illinois House Mental Health Committee hearing on a bill that would ban tackle football for kids under 12 years of age.

BANGOR DAILY NEWS - 2018-05-20 00:00:00

Maine Democrats hear from candidates for governor at Lewiston convention

Bob Shaw, a Democratic committee member from Androscoggin County, sports 35 years' worth of political buttons on his vest and hat during the Democratic State Convention on Saturday in Lewiston.Staff photo by Ben McCanna

CENTRALMAINE.COM - 2018-05-19 22:39:23

Maine Democrats hold convention in Lewiston

LEWISTON, Maine (WMTW) -Maine Democrats converged in Lewiston the weekend of May 14th, for their annual state party convention.

WABI.TV - 2018-05-19 22:08:00

Dozens arrested in Augusta at Governor’s residence as Maine joins nationwide Poor People’s Campaign launch - Maine Insights

Protesters Demand Sweeping Overhaul of Nation’s Voting Rights Laws, Policies to Address Poverty, Ecological Devastation, War Economy, Medicaid Expansion, No cuts to SNAP