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The new Maine Mountain Guide is entertaining and inspiring

I live vicariously through Carey Kish, enjoying his posts about all his outdoor adventures. He and his wife are amazing hikers and adventurers, and Carey has written a number of hiking books.

BANGOR DAILY NEWS - 2018-07-17 09:00:44

Maine Voices: Closure of Maine Girls’ Academy a harsh blow to students, parents and staff

SOUTH PORTLAND — There has been a great deal written and said regarding the circumstances of the abruptclosure of the Maine Girls’ Academy, the state’s only all-girls school. There has perhaps not been enough said about the immediate impact this closure has had on current students, their families, f

PRESSHERALD.COM - 2018-07-17 08:00:00

Addiction Policy Forum Launches Statewide Resource to Address the Addiction Crisis in Maine

Old Orchard Beach, Maine, July 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today Addiction Policy Forum a leading addiction nonprofit, has expanded itsAddiction Resource Center (ARC)to include treatment resources, facilities and health care providers specific to Maine.

GLOBENEWSWIRE.COM - 2018-07-17 08:00:00

Pending bait shortage poses another threat to Maine lobster industry

Regulators want to cap this year’s herring landings at last year’s levels, or 50,000 metric tons, and slash next year’s quota of the most popular lobster bait from 110,000 to 30,000 metric tons. They want to do this to offset record low numbers of newborn herring that are entering the fishery to rep

PRESSHERALD.COM - 2018-07-17 08:00:00

Docs: Maine man accused of sister-in-law's murder tried to clean up murder scene, threw out phone

A woman's brother-in-law, accused of killing her Friday, went before a judge Monday in Bangor.

WMTW - 2018-07-17 07:56:00

Maine to beef up cybersecurity of voter registration system

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ROANOKE TIMES - 2018-07-17 04:12:19

Maine deputies arrest two suspected fentanyl dealers

Between the two busts, deputies say they found more than 130 grams of fentanyl, several guns, two bulletproof vests, and thousands of dollars in cash.

WGME - 2018-07-17 03:54:00

Maine Milestones

Karen Dunbar of Natanis Golf Clubaced the fifth hole at Fox Ridge on May 22. Dunbar used an 8-iron for the 89-yard shot, which was witnessed by Heidi Washburn, Sheila Colby and Betty Goodwin.

PRESSHERALD.COM - 2018-07-17 02:07:36

Main Streets and Back Roads: Maine's Schoodic Peninsula

Acadia National Park [Schoodic]Wild Blueberry LandThe Pickled Wrinkle [restaurant]The Wharf Gallery and Grill [dockside restaurant and photo gallery]U.S. Bells and Watering Cove StudiosSchoodic Arts For AllFlash! in the Pans [steel drum band]Schoodic Woods CampgroundSchoodic InstituteWinter Harbor 5

WCVB - 2018-07-17 00:00:00

Maine woman stabbed at laundromat in front of her children dies from injuries

Lewiston Police said Kimberly Dobbie, 48, was stabbed on Sabattus Street just after 10 a.m. after coming out of a laundromat. Officers said that the incident happened in front of her two young children.

CRIMEWATCHDAILY.COM - 2018-07-16 22:13:00

Carey Kish has hiked so many Maine trails he wrote a book.

Carey Kish likes to hike in Maine mountains & woods. So much that he's made it his life's work. His new book for the Appalachian Trail Service, Maine Mountain Guide, features over 600 pages of hikes and mountain paths. Some of these trails are so remote you won't see another human being for miles. S

NEWSCENTERMAINE.COM - 2018-07-16 21:16:55

Bissell Brothers Debuts a Wild Brewery in Central Maine

Three Rivers, located in the founders' hometown, is a second production facility and taproom for the Portland favorites.

BOSTON MAGAZINE - 2018-07-16 21:06:00

‘The Today Show’ is coming to Maine

Patricia Kosalka was readying the campground she runs and operates with her husband, Eric Kosalka, Friday afternoon when she got a phone call that she said “blew” her away.

MSN.COM - 2018-07-16 21:00:11

Aggressive Crabs From Nova Scotia Migrating to Maine Waters

“They don't really belong in the Ecosystem here,” said Professor Markus Frederich, who teaches marine science at the University of New England. “They don't have enough predators, therefore they come in large numbers, and they are amazingly resilient from all kinds of stressors.”

NBCBOSTON.COM - 2018-07-16 20:32:58

Maine's Congressional delegation reacts to Trump, Putin meeting

"We must consider they may try to do it again. We must all collectively as a nation work to thwart any such attempt so it never happens again," Poliquin said.Democratic Rep. Chellie Pingree was more blunt. She said the president "shamefully stood" on the world stage to declare his support for Russia

WMTW - 2018-07-16 20:24:00

Maine man charged with hit-and-run in Saturday DUI crash

Jacob Gendreau, 21, of Hermon, Maine, was charged with evading responsibility in an accident causing damage to property and failure to meet minimum insurance requirements. Gendreau was issued a summons at the site of the traffic stop in Rhode Island and is due to appear for arraignment in New London

WESTERLY SUN - 2018-07-16 20:16:00

Maine family sells it all, hits the road

Imagine quitting your job, selling your home and hitting the road with no real plan or agenda. Sounds like a dream for most, for the Nickerson family of Windham, it's reality.

NEWSCENTERMAINE.COM - 2018-07-16 20:07:50

Maine child care workers support new background checks

"I'm nationally accredited, so that's been a requirement of mine for the past 10 years anyway," Shunk said.

WGME - 2018-07-16 18:51:04

Maine Supreme Court to decide whether seaweed is a plant or an animal

MainMaine Supreme Court to decide whether seaweed is a plant or an animal( ) »(2 comments)DiscussionWant a healthier life? Get rid of toxic friends. Okay, that's easy. Go for more walks. Well, alright. Stop binge watching Netflix. YOU GO TO HELL WITH YOUR CRAZY TALK

FARK.COM - 2018-07-16 18:31:16

Maine physician declares she will challenge Susan Collins in 2020 - Lewiston Sun Journal

Cathleen London said the state’s four-term Republican senator “has forgotten who she represents. Rather than putting her constituents first, it has become apparent that when it comes to the tough decisions, it is President Trump and the GOP first and Mainers last.”

SUN-JOURNAL - 2018-07-16 18:25:00