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School principal announces to students in assembly, 'Even though you're not fat, you look fat,' but

Going back to school after summer break is an exciting time, but it can also give parents and students a lot of anxiety. Students might worry about who will be in their class, where they'll sit at lunch time or what outfit they'll wear on the first day of school. Parents worry about whether the oth

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The FDA says it's OK to give your baby peanut butter. Here's why

Fewer than 2 percent of children in the U.S. are known to be allergic to peanuts, but those who are can die within minutes of eating a morsel of something containing peanuts, even if they don't swallow and even if they spit it out. With peanut allergies on the rise and many schools banning peanut p

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7-year-old girl gets permanent scars on her arm because of a henna tattoo

What was meant as a fun souvenir of a trip to Egypt has become a painful nightmare for this seven-year-old British girl. Madison Gulliver was on vacation with her family in Egypt when her father allowed her to get a henna tattoo in the spa at their four-star hotel. The tattoo started itchingThe des

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Adult programs at the library in October

Intro to Genealogy: 6 PM Tuesday, October 3 Are you curious about Genealogy, but don't know where to begin? Or have you hit brick walls with your research? Come learn how to get started and other places for research that might break down those brick walls! Location: Kids Activity Room CREATIVE WRITI

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Have You Seen This? Fat raccoon thinks it's sneaky

NINJA TRAINING CAMP - As scavengers, raccoons often have to be stealthy. Sneakiness works wonders for raccoons in the forest or when they find a full, suburban trash can. But new video evidence shows that pet raccoons aren't doing so well in the sneaking department. In the video, you will see a rat

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If you have a family DO NOT live in these 50 cities

You've heard it takes a village to raise a child, so it's pretty important you pick your village well. In a recent study, WalletHub's analysts ranked 150 of the most populated U.S. cities to see which ones were the best and which cities were the worst to raise a family. Housing cost, school quality

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California high school warns students over using 'USA' chant

A school in Folsom, Calif., said it's no longer cool for students to chant "USA." School and district officials in the area have warned students against chanting "USA!" as the celebration may come off as "inappropriate and intolerant," according to CBS13 in Sacramento. The principal of Vista Del La

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A quick rundown on the Myanmar crisis, an example of 'textbook ethnic cleansing'

A crisis has begun to unfold in Burma, as more than 370,000 Muslim Rohingya refugees have fled to find a safe haven in Bangladesh, according to The Washington Post. These refugees have escaped through land and on water into Bangladesh, hoping to avoid the wrath of the Burmese military, which has ki

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Discover how people judge you according to the shape of your face

There are many ways to discover who you are (like your birthday or your sleep position), but did you know that the shape of your face affects your personality and how people judge you? Defining the shape of your faceIt can be difficult to know what face shape you have but here are some ways to find

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Grandparents who babysit live longer, study shows

BERLIN - Grandparents can often serve as a lifeline for exhausted parents, but it turns out, regular babysitting can actually help seniors live longer. That's according to researchers behind a new study, who found that grandparents who help out with their grandchildren enjoy longer lives than those

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The latest seasons of the TV sitcom 'The Goldbergs' are on DVD this week

The two most recent seasons of the popular TV sitcom "The Goldbergs" have been released on DVD this week. "The Goldbergs: The Complete Third Season" (Sony, 2015-16, three discs, 25 episodes, single-episode audio commentary, bloopers). "The Goldbergs: The Complete Fourth Season" (Sony, 2016-17, thre

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Disney survived Hurricane Irma. Can you get your money back?

Hurricane Irma caused a lot of damage across Florida this weekend, but the "happiest place on Earth" wasn't destroyed. Irma - a once-Category 5 storm that has now been downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone - wrecked havoc across the entire state of Florida over the weekend, causing major flooding i

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Did you forget about Hurricane Jose? It's about to bring 'life-threatening' conditions to the East C

Last week, as Hurricane Irma barreled toward Florida, satellite images showed a hurricane building in the Atlantic Ocean, poised to make landfall somewhere along the East Coast after Irma. That hurricane was Jose. Panic quelled when the storm spun out to sea, though. But now, according to NPR, Hurri

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Experts identify fanged mysterious creature found on Texas beach after Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey brought havoc and fury to Texas about two weeks ago, causing widespread damage across the Houston area. Photos and videos of the storm's destruction continue to make headlines, including the most recent one of a "fanged creature" found on a Texas beast after the storm, BBC reported

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This Harry Potter home collection will turn your home into Hogwarts

You can now bring the magic of Hogwarts to your home. Pottery Barn unveiled a Harry Potter home collection, which is inspired by the J.K. Rowling novels that have now been around for two decades, according to the Deseret News. The collection features each of the four houses - Slytherin, Hufflepuff,

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New Yorker shares cover it would have published if Hillary Clinton won the presidency

Hillary Clinton made the news again this week, releasing a new book in which she details her journey during the 2016 presidential election. Clinton spoke exclusively with CNN's Anderson Cooper on Wednesday, sharing her thoughts about the current Trump administration, how the 2016 campaign worked an

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Have You Seen This? Rocket fails

ROCKET SCHOOL - We've all heard the old adage of, "It doesn't take a rocket scientist." Well, when it comes to landing rockets, it takes just that: a rocket scientist, and a lot of them, at that. This video from SpaceX proves three things: rocket science is hard, rocket scientists don't give up and

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Middle School Eagles lose to CFCA

The middle school football team of David Emanuel Academy dropped a 38-28 decision to Central Fellowship Christian Academy on Thursday, Sept. 7. Racyn Faircloth rushed into the end zone three times, while Jessie Moore hit paydirt once for DEA. The Eagles added two on a two-point conversion pass from

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Northrop Grumman buying Orbital ATK for $7.8 billion

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (AP) - Northrop Grumman is buying Orbital ATK for about $7.8 billion as activity in defense sector heats up amid rising global tensions. Earlier this month, United Technologies said it would pay $22.75 billion for defense contractor Rockwell Collins. Orbital ATK shareholders will r

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Good News: Pinpoint Seafood Festival

Pinpoint is a community with history and a certain flavor. Both were on display this past weekend at an event that draws a crowd to the Southside neighborhood every year. This year, the celebration of history untouched earned its name in more ways than one. "It's important to share the history,'' s

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