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Skagway Brewing Company to change locations

The Klondike Gold Rush of the 1890s brought an estimated hundred thousand men out to the Yukon–most of them passed through Skagway on their way to the gold fields. Breweries sprang up out of necessity. The original Skagway Brewing Company was founded in 1898. It’s latest iteration serves locals and

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Black Bear dispatched in Skagway

Skagway Police dispatched a black bear that had been wandering around Skagway since Thanksgiving. For the past several weeks, there had been reports of a small black bear roaming around town and that he had looked confused about his surroundings.

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Skagway’s Santa Train celebrates another holiday season

Skagway’s annual Santa Train took over 500 passengers up White Pass this weekend. Turnout was uncommonly low; station employees guess that storm forecasts kept Canadian tourists at home.

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Skagway Assembly requests congressional assistance with traffic safety in historic district

Over the past few years, the Skagway Borough Assembly has been trying to resolve dangerous traffic flow issues at the corner of 5th Avenue and Spring Street, where the historic Moore Homestead is located.

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Elks win $10K grant to start vitamin D awareness program

The Skagway Elks #431 have won their first ever Impact Grant from the Elks National Foundation. The grant will be used for a project called “Light for Skagway”, a health and educational program concerning vitamin D deficiency.

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Skagway police shoot and kill bear cub in residential area

The Skagway Police Department shot and killed a bear cub Saturday after attempting to scare the bear away from a residential area. The bear cub first appeared in Skagway around Thanksgiving.

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Scrap metal pick-up in Haines

A barge is coming to Haines to pick up scrap metal this week. Channel Construction’s CCI401 barge will leave Juneau tomorrow and arrive at the Lutak dock in Haines on Thursday night. They will pick up city scrap on Friday. Channel Construction is coming to collect metal from the Haines Highway Proje

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Haines explores the possibility of using local timber as fuel for biomass boilers

Biomass boilers have been springing up across Haines over the past few years. The boilers generate heat by burning wood pellets made of condensed sawdust. Now the borough hopes to install a boiler that runs on larger wood chips to heat several municipal buildings. If the wood chips are produced loca

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Alaska Airlines Is Offering the Chance to Pay Up for Status

End-of-year mileage runs are always a frustrating experience, when some travelers realize they haven’t flown enough to requalify for elite status. The mileage run is essentially a quick round-trip (sometimes with no overnight stay) solely for the purpose of earning miles. One or two extra flights ca

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Report names Alaska No. 1 in protecting kids from tobacco

A report issued Dec. 14 by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, American Heart Association and Truth Initiative, among other public health groups, ranked Alaska No. 1 in the nation for funding programs that protect high-school aged kids against tobacco use and help current smokers quit.


This Alaska Restaurant Is 240 Miles From Civilization But It’s So Worth The Journey

Driving a long way to get somewhere we’d like to go is all part of living in Alaska. However, there’s one restaurant in our state that takes it to the next level. This place is 240 miles from the nearest stoplight, and it’s definitely not the type of restaurant you swing by on a whim. However, if yo

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White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad renovates trains and tracking

White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad is overhauling its railway service to keep up with the growing number of visitors to Skagway. According to White Pass Strategic Planning Director Tyler Rose, the renovations include a turning loop and a pair of passing sidings between the summit and Skagway.

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The Salvation Army kettle rings in another year of community outreach

The red Salvation Army kettle is a familiar sight at grocery stores and other public spaces around the holidays. It has its roots in San Francisco in 1891 when a Salvation Army captain worked to raise funds for a community dinner. The original kettle was a crab pot placed at the Oakland Ferry Landin

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Haines pets get vet's star treatment

Cooing gentle language into a two-year-old feline’s ear, Dr. Michelle Oakley and her vet technician spread the cat out on either end of the table to X-ray his injured left paw. After three tries, they finally get a clear image by carefully taping the right paw out of the way so it doesn’t obstruct t

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Skagway hunt for borough manager in final stages

The Skagway Assembly is in the final stages of interviewing for a new borough manager. The borough is working to replace Scott Hahn who left earlier this year. The manager search committee recommended to advance three candidates from a pool of ten.

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CYD teams net Icebreaker titles

Haines Community Youth Development (CYD) boys' and girls' basketball teams took home championship titles in last weekend's Icebreaker Tournament, held at the Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School in Juneau.

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Assemblyman proposes legalizing duck hunting on Haines townsite waters

It’s illegal fire a gun in the Haines townsite, but Haines Borough Assemblyman Will Prisciandaro thinks it might be a good idea to allow duck hunting in townsite waters. That was one of a number of issues related to hunting in the Haines Borough discussed at last week’s meeting of the Upper Lynn Can

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Mountain goat hunting winds down in the Upper Lynn Canal

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game closed mountain goat hunting in the Takhin Ridge area today. The area bordered by the Tsirku River to the west and the north, Takhin River to the south, and the Chilkat River to the east closed after 5 goats were taken this season.

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The Hammer Museum adds 1,600 tools to its collection

The Haines Hammer Museum is well-stocked with hammers. There are over 2,000 tools in their collection. That number nearly doubled when a barge arrived this Thursday with 1,600 new specimens. KHNS’ Claire Stremple has more.

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Committee narrows attorney candidate list

A shortlist of applicants for the Haines Borough attorney position will be interviewed at the end of March, the assembly’s personnel committee decided. Brooks Chandler, the current attorney contracted by the borough since 2010, is one of three finalists. The others are Paul Grant, who has a firm in

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