Mayor Melton speaks on being stripped of powers by Gordon town council - 11-16


Gordon, Ala- Mayor Elbert Melton spoke for the first time since his power as mayor has been stripped from him from the town council.The town council stripped Melton of his power at the October meeting after frustration mounted from citizens and the town council."I've seen that and read up in the paper but I don't know how much power and truth to what they are saying because ain't nobody gives me nothing," said Melton. "As far as the books and everything I mean they can't do that....... I am the mayor of Gordon."Melton was also accused of stealing water from town citizens who needed it after Hurricane Michael which he denied."I told the county you need to get your evidence together before you try to accuse me of stealing water because I don't steal anything," said Melton. "They said to come up there to Dothan and talk with me but after I thought about it and I decided that I'm not going anywhere.""If they got anything they will come get me and so they kind of found out that I didn't steal no water," said Melton."I don't know why they would make those accusations but that's what was said."