Letting the Good Times Roll: Craig Locicero & Kayla Dixon discuss new band Dress The Dead

metalassault.com - 03-20


Sustaining a group of people through any level of longevity and success is perhaps one of the most insurmountable challenges of the human existence. On the other side of the coin, limiting oneself to a single goal is equally difficult for a talented individual. As you and I know very well, these scenarios very much apply to our world of heavy music. You cannot keep talented musicians quiet for too long, you cannot limit them to a single project. Out of broken-up bands rise new ones, and oftentimes musicians in already successful, established bands stumble upon an exciting side-project. Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, Dress The Dead combines the individual and collective pedigree of guitarists Craig Locicero (Forbidden, Spiral Arms, Manmade God) and Dan Delay (Drawing Heaven), bassist James Walker (Manmade God), drummer Mark Hernandez (Forbidden), and vocalist Kayla Dixon (Witch Mountain). Channeling the frustrations of the breakups of his previous bands into positive creativity, and finding the perfect group of musicians, Locicero has landed upon something special with Dress The Dead. Earlier this week, even as they were busy preparing for their first Los Angeles show this coming Friday, Metal Assault spoke to Craig Locicero and Kayla Dixon for an interview. Get to know this band through this in-depth chat, along with a taste of the band’s music.