Joe Biden Still Thinks Donald Trump is an “Illegitimate” President - 05-15


Democrats on the far left (and even some a little closer to the moderate side of the party – if such a thing exists) have been saying for months that 2020 frontrunner Joe Biden is old and out of touch with the progressive movement. We’ve watched these attacks with a mixture of amusement and sympathy, but this week, Biden showed that he’s behind the times in more ways than one. Not only is he failing to take up the socialist mantle that has become the heartbeat of the Democratic Party, he’s also apparently failing to keep up with the news. Because if he’d been paying attention, he would know that President Trump had absolutely nothing to do with the Russians’ so-called interference in the 2016 election. He wouldn’t be out there agreeing with drooling idiots who still make idiotic proclamations like, “Not my President!”