'I'm the reason the murder rate is so high:' Man charged in 10-year-old's shooting death suspected in 2nd killing

WTOP - 11-15


WASHINGTON - The fourth man charged in the shooting death of a 10-year-old girl, who was killed on her way to an ice cream truck over the summer, is already in jail and suspected in another killing that took just weeks after the girl was gunned down. Mark Tee Price, 24, of Southeast D.C., was charged in August with first-degree murder while armed in the July 30 death of a Maryland man, 47-year-old Andre Young, in a shooting that was sparked by a housing dispute. Before the shooting, several witnesses said Price threatened them, exclaiming, "I'm the reason the murder rate is so high," according to court documents. The suspects in Makiyah Wilson's killing were seen on social media videos the night of her killing rapping along to a song with similar lyrics. A D.C. police source confirmed to WTOP that Price is the fourth suspect to be charged in Wilson's killing. Young's killing came two weeks after Wilson was killed in a hail of bullets after four gunmen opened fire on a crowd of people gathered in an apartment courtyard in the Clay Terrace neighborhood of Northeast D.C. In the second shooting, court documents say Price became enraged after he learned his girlfriend was being evicted from her apartment on 19th Street in Southeast D.C. Multiple witnesses said he threatened other people who lived in the apartment, lifting up his shirt to reveal a black handgun poking out of the waistband of his pants and making threats: "If I can't live here, can't nobody live here." Police said Young was shot after helping escort residents back to their apartments to retrieve their belongings. The announcement of Price's arrest in Wilson's killing came one day after three other suspects charged in her killing appeared before a D.C. Superior Court judge and were ordered held without bond.