The Long, Long Goodbye of Clint Eastwood - 12-17


I won’t reveal how The Mule ends, but the new film from Clint Eastwood features a moment that’s meant to be a sendoff of sorts for the main character, an aging horticulturalist named Earl. Earl’s a regular guy — he fought in the Korean War, raised a family, followed the rules — but when his flower business goes belly-up thanks to the internet, he’s desperate for money. That’s when he stumbles into a job as a drug courier for a Mexican cartel, which is seeking a driver who won’t raise suspicion. (In other words, they want an old white dude.) Power struggles within the cartel and an encroaching DEA investigation (led by Bradley Cooper’s hotshot agent) threaten Earl’s safety and freedom as he tries to stay a step ahead of everyone. With danger looming around every corner, this octogenarian is looking for a way out.