Study: Eggs may be bad your your heart, but there’s more to the story

WTAX - 03-18


Eggs are a pretty big part of the American diet, but they’ve proven controversial over the years. A new look at eggs from from researchers at Northwestern University shows the dietary cholesterol in eggs is associated with a heightened risk of cardiovascular disease and early death. However, scientific conclusions on eggs vary widely. One study last year found people who ate an egg per day had lower rates of heart disease and bleeding stroke than people who did not eat them, and a 2016 study found eggs did not have a strong effect on risk of coronary artery disease. Also, the current federal dietary guidelines and lots of nutrition experts consider eggs a part of a healthy diet. So should you eat the yolks, or should you leave them? Study co-author Victor Zhong says you should really talk to your doctor about it– if you are already at risk of cardiovascular disease you might want to be more cautious. (Time)