Mia Discovers She’s Really Pregnant After Clash With Sharon

SheKnows - 04-05


In Vegas, Victoria angrily tells Billy he has no business following her. He criticizes how she answered the door and asks, “Who forgot something?” Victoria questions him leaving the kids to come after her and says she deserves a break – she wants him gone by the time she showers. Once alone, Billy spots the note from Brandon. When Victoria emerges, Billy confronts her for hooking up with some random guy. She reminds Billy she’s single. Billy argues this is not how she cuts loose. Victoria protests – she just needed to forget everything for a while. Billy concedes he shouldn’t be judging anyone. Victoria tells him to leave or she will. Billy asks why she keeps running from him and invites her to let him have it. Victoria exhales – he’s a drama magnet and is reckless, irresponsible and.