Local resident targeted by phone scammer claiming to be law enforcement

nbcrightnow.com - 11-10


KENNEWICK, WA- A Kennewick dentist is the recent target of a phone scam after the scammer claimed she had warrants out for her arrest.Katie Storey recently received a call from a man that claimed to be a police officer."When he called he knew what my profession was. He knew what my address was. He knew what my phone number was and I was a little bit taken aback by it." said Storey.The man said she would have to pay him $2000 in pre-paid Visa cards in order to resolve a misdemeanor for failing to report for jury duty."I was worried when he said that I had some Class D misdemeanors with warrants out for my arrest I wanted to resolve that as quickly as possible."So Storey did the right thing and went to the Benton County Sheriff's Office where they said they'd heard other reports of similar stories. And now thanks to her quick thinking, she's walking away with money in her pocket.But others haven't been so lucky. So Storey's message to other potential targets is: "Go to the source who is claiming to have a conflict with you."Kennewick Police gave NBC Right Now some tips on how to avoid being scammed.First, never give out any personal information over the phone. Always verify who is calling you. And be aware of scammers acting as secretaries trying to get your information.