Judge denies Monsanto's request to scrap $250 million punishment -- but there's a catch

CNN - 10-23


That's when Superior Court Judge Suzanne Bolanosissued a tentative ruling granting Monsanto's request for a JNOV-- a judgment notwithstanding verdict. That's basically when a judge in a civil case overrules the jury's decision.Bolanos said the plaintiff "presented no clear and convincing evidence of malice or oppression to support an award of punitive damages." In other words, Johnson's entire $250 million punitive award was in jeopardy.The judge gave attorneys on both sides a few days to respond and further make their cases.When she issued her final ruling Monday, Bolanos reversed her tentative ruling and denied Monsanto's request for a JNOV.But it wasn't a complete victory for Johnson.Instead of $289 million in combined damage awards, Johnson is slated to get a total of about $78 million.Johnson's doctor said he had lesions over 80% of his body. Monsanto said there's no evidence Roundup causes cancer.