12 Eco-Friendly Brands That Don't Hurt the Environment or Your Wallet

seventeen.com - 04-22


You don't always have to carry around a metal straw to help the environment (although it really helps). While the ban of plastic straws and single use plastic bags is on the rise, more and more clothing brands are getting in on the good cause with items that are eco-friendly. From making clothes that are locally sourced and feature recycled materials to being completely transparent about where their products are being made, some fashion brands are seriously trying to get on board with saving our stunning planet. Whether you're in the market for a new backpack, bike shorts or an adorable tee, there's a eco-friendly brand in almost every apparel and accessory category. Style a sustainable item with a cute scrunchie or a bandana. You can even rock a sustainable look to prom and REALLY have a good time. But, for now, we've rounded up 12 eco-brands and an array of products for every planet-saving-mood you're in.