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Researchers see possible link between opioids, birth defect

NEW YORK — Health officials are looking into a possible link between prescription opioids and a horrific birth defect. When a baby is born with its intestines hanging outside the stomach, due to a hole in the abdominal wall, it’s called gastroschisis. Most are repaired through surgery.

STATNEWS.COM - 2019-01-17 18:52:56

25 Years After The Northridge Earthquake, Is LA Ready For The Big One?

Twenty five years ago, at 4:30 a.m. on Jan. 17, 1994, the Northridge earthquake shook Angelenos from their beds. For those of us who lived through it, the memories of chaos early in the morning are unforgettable.

NPR - 2019-01-17 10:01:00

Is Cannabis Good or Bad for Mental Health?

The physicist Richard Feynman has been popularly quoted as stating that if you think you understand quantum mechanics, then you don’t. It is perhaps not a quantum leap to make the same claim about cannabis. The cannabis plant is not a single substance, but rather contains more than 500 identified ch

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN - 2019-01-17 05:00:00

Actress Selma Blair Shares How Chronic Illness Can Lead to 'Uncontrollable' Anxiety

(video courtesy KARE-TV) The symptoms and pain associated withchronic illness are enough to handle on their own. Unfortunately, chronic illness can take a toll on your mental health as well. Actress Selma Blair candidly spoke about the anxiety and isolation that comes with a chronic illness on her I

MSN.COM - 2019-01-17 03:34:56

What to know about hepatitis E

Hepatitis E is an infectious virus that attacks the liver, where it causes inflammation and damage. In certain people, this could lead to serious complications over time. Treatment is generally straightforward, and many people do not need medical attention to treat hepatitis E.

MEDICAL NEWS TODAY - 2019-01-16 20:03:39

GoFundMe "Trump Wall" donors have given $7 million to organizer's new idea: privately building the wall

Donors have given Brian Kolfage, the wounded veteran behind the viral GoFundMe "Trump Wall" campaign, permission to transfer at least $7 million to his new plan to privately fund and build a southern border wall, according to Kolfage and another source familiar with the effort. President Trump has a

CBS NEWS - 2019-01-16 18:42:24

Kim Kardashian Is Drinking Celery Juice To Help Her Psoriasis

You've likely seen celery juice referenced on Instagram, probably by a celebrity or health blogger touting its magic as a detox drink. Most recently, Kim Kardashian posted she was drinking "gross" celery juice because the Medical Medium says it helps with psoriasis, a skin condition she's long been

MSN.COM - 2019-01-16 16:51:08

Andy Murray injury: what is hip resurfacing and will it help?

Andy Murray has been troubled by hip pain that has affected his tennis performance for the past 10 years. He has already undergone one bout of surgery and is now considering another operation. He has also spoken about retiring from tennis altogether – in the hope that not stressing his hip joint, wi

THE CONVERSATION - 2019-01-16 13:28:04

New science-based diet aims to solve both ‎health‏ and environmental crises

A new diet could save millions of lives and promote sustainable food production that can feed the world’s rapidly growing population, according to the international team of scientists that developed the plan. Called, the “planetary health diet,” it encourages dramatically lower consumption of red me

THEWESTSIDESTORY.NET - 2019-01-18 04:57:22

State ‎health‏ agency ordered to reimburse home ‎health‏ providers

A state district judge Thursday ordered the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to accept reimbursement requests from in-home monitoring service providers after the agency had denied the requests since the beginning of the year.

AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN - 2019-01-18 00:27:00

Cape Breton 's Eskasoni First Nation in mental ‎health‏ crisis : chief

ESKASONI, N.S. - The chief of Nova Scotia's largest Mi'maq community says the First Nation is in the throes of a mental health crisis, with multiple suicides in recent weeks. Leroy Denny of Eskasoni First Nation says the deaths have underscored the community's dire need for more health-care resource

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - 2019-01-17 17:37:38

Anti-vaccine movement ' a top threat to global ‎health‏ in 2019 ' says WHO

The anti-vaccine movement is one of the worst health threats facing humanity in 2019, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned. Reluctance or refusal to immunise “threatens to reverse progress” made in tackling preventable diseases, the UN health body said.

THE INDEPENDENT - 2019-01-17 15:41:05

Quitting Facebook can significantly improve your mental ‎health‏ , researchers conclude

(Natural News) When you’re bored at home or work, you probably entertain yourself by browsing Facebook. After all, it lets you see what your friends, old classmates and new acquaintances, or your relatives are up to. But did you know that quitting Facebook, whether temporarily or permanently, can he

NATURALNEWS - 2019-01-16 11:42:12

Ex-prosecutor to lead ‎health‏ care firm 's rape investigation

PHOENIX (AP) — A former top prosecutor in Phoenix was hired Monday by a health care facility to investigate the circumstances into how a patient in a vegetative state gave birth after she was sexually assaulted. Police are conducting a separate criminal investigation.

YAHOO SPORTS - 2019-01-15 00:59:44

British-Iranian woman 's ‎health‏ deteriorates in Iran prison

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The head of the Thomson Reuters Foundation says she’s “sincerely worried” about a detained British-Iranian national going on hunger strike to protest her treatment in the Islamic Republic.

WTOP - 2019-01-14 05:16:00

Jailed Saudi cleric 's ‎health‏ deteriorating : Activists

Awad al-Qarni was one of many Muslim preachers, writers arrested by Saudi authorities in late 2017. The health condition of Awad al-Qarni, a prominent Saudi Muslim cleric arrested in late 2017, has deteriorated markedly following more than a year behind bars, Saudi activists said Tuesday.

BRINKWIRE.COM - 2019-01-09 13:37:06

World ‎Health‏ Organization Names Anti-Vaxxers Among Global ‎Health‏ Threats

The World Health Organization has listed people who decide not to vaccinate as one of 10 global health threats they plan to monitor and address in 2019. On their website, the WHO said vaccine hesitancy “threatens to reverse progress made in tackling vaccine-preventable diseases.” It said vaccines al

YAHOO! - 2019-01-17 21:52:00

Cook County ‎Health‏ Opens New ‎Health‏ Center in Arlington Heights

Cook County Health is committed to providing quality, compassionate care that is tailored to each patient's needs with community-based health centers that offer primary care medical homes for families throughout Cook County. The new Arlington Heights Health Center opened January 14th in a 25,000 sq.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE - 2019-01-16 20:17:37

‎Health‏ Briefs

Memorial Health in Savannah has changed its visitation policies during flu season in order to better protect patients, family members, other guests and staff. The revised visitation guidelines now in effect are as follows:

BLUFFTONSUN.COM - 2019-01-15 05:00:00

Memorial ‎Health‏ Completes Renovation of Behavioral ‎Health‏ Services

Memorial Health recently completed a major renovation of the first floor of the behavioral health services building. The newly renovated 26-bed adult inpatient unit will open for patients on January 14.

SAVANNAHCEO.COM - 2019-01-15 05:00:00