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Amherst PD : Man found , in good ‎health‏

AMHERST, N.Y. (WIVB) - Amherst Police have located a man who went missing Saturday. Officers report Sean Q. Ingleman, 42, is in good health. Ingleman, went missing from the Main Street/Getzville Road area on Saturday night, March 23, 2019, Amherst Police said.

WIVB - 2019-03-24 09:47:00

Troubled by mental ‎health‏ bill

I believe that the bill “A Bill to Be entitled An Act” which will give all law enforcement officers in Houston County the right to determine if someone is mentally ill and cause them to be taken to a mental health facility without a hearing or a warrant is unnecessary as there are already laws to co

DOTHAN EAGLE - 2019-03-23 20:33:00

In sickness or in ‎health‏ ?

That would be great advice if doctors were able to easily determine who is sick and who is well, but while this sounds simple, it might not be all that straightforward, either to diagnose or treat.

JAMAICA GLEANER - 2019-03-23 05:19:11

‎Health‏ discrepancies between Monroe and surrounding counties

A report on health in New York state counties released this week puts Monroe County close to the middle of the field, but some of its surrounding counties fell much further toward the top or the bottom of the rankings.


Business of ‎Health‏ Care : Get Physical

Move more, sit less and get kids active as young as age three, say new federal guidelines. The government's guidelines go on to stress that any amount and any type of exercise helps health.


50 bad habits that affect your ‎health‏

You eat well. You exercise. You go to bed early. All in all, you’re trying your best to look after your health. If you want to lead a long, fruitful life, staying on top of all of the above is absolutely vital. But did you know there are many simple bad habits that could be destroying all your hard


Link Between Housing and ‎Health‏

Communities with homes locals can afford are among the healthiest in the nation. That's according to the latest annual county health report by Princeton, N.J.-based nonprofit Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF).


Women 's ‎health‏

There are a lot of great things happening in Women’s health care at a clinic in East Hamilton. Dr. Christin Zrinscak and Kate Demers join us from Crown Point Family Health Centre.


Move forward , not back , with ‎health‏ coverage

I don’t have the answer for reforming our healthcare system, but I do know that setting up false dichotomies like the one in Sunday’s column by Grace-Marie Turner is not the way forward.

ARIZONA DAILY SUN - 2019-03-24 10:30:00

Mental ‎health‏ practice opens Manheim Township location

A woman-focused boutique mental health private practice has expanded its business by opening a new location at 825 Eden Road in Manheim Township. Move Forward Counseling reported doing approximately $85,000 of renovations on the space that measures more than 1,200 square feet, includes four therapy


Giving your trees a ‎health‏ check up

CLIO, Mich. -- Spring is in the air, it’s a great time to check the health of your trees. According to The Tree Guy , there are four major areas to inspect: leaves, branches, trunk, and roots. By checking these areas, you may be able to see if your trees are stressed or in decline.


Latest studies flip-flop former ‎health‏ advice

This week, three new studies indicate that previous health advice may be wrong — in some cases, the new research flips the tips 180 degrees. We all know that medical studies come out every year and many of them say that previous studies for the identical health tip are dead wrong.


Get ‎health‏ care system working for all

When I was very young, it was not unusual to find a basket of kittens or puppies that someone had left on our front porch. Because we lived on a small farm, people assumed their “gift” would be well received and taken care of. Recently I’ve heard some disturbing accounts of our health care system th


Education proposed for ‎health‏ curriculum

As Miami-Dade County Public Schools students prepare for spring break, a school board member is working on a policy to protect students against the dangers of human trafficking. Last Wednesday, District 4 school board member Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall proposed an action that will explore the feasib


Recognize Montana 's ‎health‏ threats

I appreciate Speaker Greg Hertz’s goals of establishing a positive relationship with the Democratic minority and a rapid resolution of K-12 funding. Cooperation prior to transmittal should portend the same for the session’s remainder.


Bill to legitimize midwifery as ‎health‏ profession passes

The passage of Senate Bill 84, which legitimizes midwifery -- a form caring for pregnant women and infants typically outside of a hospital -- as a medical practice in the eyes of the state government has people around Kentucky excited for developments to come.

PADUCAH SUN - 2019-03-24 05:15:00

Entrepreneur-Author Speaks out About Challenges to Millennial ‎Health‏

Peter Noble Darrow is an entrepreneur who founded Darrow’s Farm Fresh Restaurant in NYC, a farm-to-table restaurant that was well received by customers and critics while in operation. Since the restaurant’s closing, Darrow has begun writing about health pointedly for the Millennial generation. Darro

HEALTHTHOROUGHFARE.COM - 2019-03-23 15:11:41

5 self-care tips to support your ‎health‏ and wellness

Many women tend to put their own health and well-being last on their never-ending list of priorities – and I can certainly relate. While I would love to get around to some “me” time, I often just don’t have the time or energy. My family’s needs always come first, so I usually spend most of my day at


Tunisian ‎health‏ firms to scout out investment opportunities in Mauritania

Representatives of several Tunisian firms operating in the health sector are expected in Mauritanian next week to explore investment opportunities in the Maghreb country. The visit will take place on March 25 and 26.


Protecting Madison 's ‎health‏ should be paramount

At the recent meetings in Ennis regarding attempts to put forth guidelines for protecting the Madison River from over-fishing, there was a hue and cry from guides and outfitters. They claimed that restrictions of any kind were not “Montanan,” that their livelihoods were threatened, as if monetary in