Why Is The Cannes Film Festival Honoring This Unrepentant Bigot?

Forward - 05-13


This year’s Cannes Film Festival, starting May 14, will honor the French film star Alain Delon with a Palme d’honneur prize for acting, a lifetime achievement award that has previously gone to such performers as Jeanne Moreau, Catherine Deneuve, and Jean-Paul Belmondo. Delon, now 83, has played a hired killer in “The Samurai” (1967) directed by the French Jewish filmmaker Jean-Pierre Melville (born Grumbach) and an art dealer in Joseph Losey’s “Monsieur Klein (1976) a drama about the Nazi Occupation of France. None of his roles has surprised fans more than Delon’s long-evolving status as a supporter of France’s ultra-right wing National Front movement, associated with anti-Semitism by many experts on European politics.