Three Young and the Restless Betrayals We Can’t Get Over

TVOvermind - 04-21


Young and the Restless fans get to see more betrayal around here than anything else, and that’s what makes it fun. But, we have to point out that there are a few things that we don’t always love. Some of those things make life a little bit difficult, and we do get that. But these are people who live in Genoa City and make it their mission in life to only focus on themselves. More than anyone else on any show on television, we think that they are the worst ones to one another, and we sometimes find it hard to forgive those who do others wrong. Some do it not knowing precisely what they are doing, but others do it because they know they can get what they want from it. And we have a hard time with that. But, for now, we think of these as some of the biggest betrayals we can see.