The Five Best Sam Claflin Movies of His Career

TVOvermind - 01-25


The role of an actor is to convince the audience that they are who they’re playing and as a result they’re worth investing some emotion on. Sam Claflin seems like a man that has definitely invested himself into his characters quite a bit and yet for all that it would seem that nominations have been as far as he’s been allowed to go thus far when it comes to recognizing just how great he’s done. He’s won an award for Man of the Year at the Glamour Awards, let’s get that straight, but so far he’s yet to win an award for the outstanding performances he’s put in to other projects. I won’t go into how the committees of so many award shows kind of miss out on some folks when it comes to talent and merit but let’s just say that Sam is definitely due for an award to come his way one of these days.