Star Wars: New Spider Genus Named After Stormtroopers

ComicBook - 04-18


As Rebels mow them down by the dozens in Star Wars movies it can sometimes be easy to envision the Empire's storm troopers as gnats being swatted away. Entomologists, apparently, have another idea and have instead named a newly-discovered genus of spiders after the white-armored space fascists. You can get a look at the arachnids, who were discovered in Colombia, over at LiveScience. The spiders are not, as you might expect, black and white. Instead, they were named for the Storm troopers -- "Stormtropis" -- because they are so alike in their size and markings, according to the article. The Stormtropis is part of the bald-legged spiders family, which are native to South America and Central America.