Seth Meyers lets Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte settle old scores with Second Chance Theatre

A.V. Club - 02-14


In the YouTube age, the cut-for-time Saturday Night Live sketch has become a new way for SNL fans/critics to grumble about the venerable late-night comedy institution. And, yes, sometimes a sketch that was written, costumed, scored, and fully produced at the show’s Saturday night dress rehearsal is revealed to have been at least weird and unique enough that its loss to the mists of time and Lorne Michaels’ whim is a real head-scratcher. People rightly talk about Will Ferrell’s Old Prospector sketch (that eventually surfaced on one of his best-of DVDs), but here’s some love for poor, departed, one-season featured guy Luke Null, whose one decent showcase was inexplicably binned, essentially sealing his fate.