Royal expert: Prince William & Harry are the ones who have been feuding for months - 03-20


As we’ve been hearing more months now, the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex are not at war. The Christmas stroll at Sandringham was supposed to be the end of the “feud” between Meghan and Kate, but because tabloids gotta ‘bloid, of course there have still been murmurs about how Kate and Meg secretly hate it each other and Meghan storms into Kensington Palace, steals Kate’s earrings and yells “cry bitch!” at her. Or something. It’s become something of a journalistic feint to still talk about the feud by repeatedly and excessively denying the feud (DID YOU KNOW THERE WAS A FEUD). As I’ve said for months, though, I just feel like Meghan and Kate’s “feud” was mostly a cover for William and Harry having a major falling out. Their body language still isn’t great. And people still aren’t running to the tabloids to talk endlessly about how Harry and William’s feud is all in the past. Because it isn’t.