Prince William is ‘preparing to be in charge,’ that’s why the Sussexes will be ‘dispatched’ - 04-23


As we discussed yesterday, it’s very possible that the brain trust over at Kensington Palace wants to see the Sussexes exiled at some point very soon. The story originated from a reliable outlet, the London Times, and the journalists had multiple sources confirming that yes, Prince William and his people have been talking to Buckingham Palace courtiers about the possibility of exiling the Sussexes for a few years or maybe just six months. Australia and Canada were thrown out, and apparently William now wants to exile the Sussexes in an African country, tbd. Hours later, the conversation shifted and suddenly all of the British tabloids agreed to frame the story as “Harry wants to move away and William agrees, but it will cost a lot and it’s all Meghan’s fault.” Or something. No one is buying that sh-t. So… it will be interesting to see what happens to this story in the days and weeks to come. People Magazine already has some coverage of it, with some new details: