Olivia Rose Keegan (‘Days of Our Lives’) on her Daytime Emmy nomination and ‘going crazy’ in her final storyline [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

goldderby.com - 04-18


“The rush does not wear off,” says Olivia Rose Keegan about earning her second consecutive Daytime Emmy nomination this year. She’s up for Best Younger Actress for playing the conniving Claire Brady on “Days of Our Lives.” But alas, her time on the show is almost over. She had already filmed her last scenes by the time the nominations were announced, but the show films several months in advance so her material is still airing, and she promises a big finish for Claire. “That’s going to be my favorite stuff when I go crazy,” she teases. “It’s escalating and continues to escalate from what’s airing right now.” Watch our exclusive video interview with Keegan above.